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Architect Under 30: Raymond Boedi

Madani Matadian · June 13th, 2022
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Today, many architects under 30th years old have developed their careers and opened their architectural firms. One of them is Raymond Boedi. This Medan-born man is the principal of Ke•Ra Design Studio, which is also based in his hometown.

The People: Ray Boedi

The beginning of a career as an architect

Born in 1992, Raymond Boedi is a young man who is competent in his profession. The hobby of drawing turned out to lead Ray to further study. He studied Bachelor of Architecture Planning & Landscape at Newcastle University, England. During college, he won the HB Saint William Bell Memorial Prize for Exceptional Performance in BA (Hons) Architecture Bes Major Design Project (2015) and RIBA Bronze Medal Nomination (2015). According to him, this talent in architecture he got from his grandfather who was an architect.

After graduating from college, Ray decided to return to Indonesia. Arriving in his homeland, he underwent an internship at Ong & Ong before finally forming Ke•Ra Design Studio in August 2015. Before establishing Ke•Ra Design Studio, he was offered an offer to design a friend's barbershop. This was the beginning of Ray's original work as an architect.

one of Ke-Ra's house projectsHouse of Light Voids by Ke•Ra Design Studio.

Far from the Capital

Ray said that his journey to becoming an architect went through several processes. Since the founding of Ke•Ra Design Studio, he admits that the projects he has undertaken have varied, ranging from exhibitions, and commercials, to residential projects. For an architectural firm, the 6th-year-old is still very young and in the process of development. What's more, the office based in Medan is one of Ke•Ra Design Studio's challenges in developing itself.

"Because the office is in Medan, the problem is human resources. Because architecture students after graduation usually go to the capital city," he said.

Human resources, according to Ray, are very influential in the continuity of the office and project execution. According to him, the contractor team in Medan is also limited. However, he also believes that his firm will continue to develop and seek to open a branch in Jakarta.

an inner garden creates by Ke-Ra
House of Light Voids Interior.

Ray Boedi talks about his inspiration

Personally, Ray chooses China as his current source of inspiration. He admires Chinese architecture because the existing buildings represent the characteristics of the architect. How Chinese architects seek knowledge abroad and return to their country to advance their architecture, according to him, deserves appreciation.

"Architects in China in my opinion are extraordinary because they want to study abroad far from China to gain knowledge, then return to their country to build China with implemented sciences," he said to Anabata.

In addition, Ray added that he admired the work of Neri & Hu, Vector Architects, David Chipperfield, and senior Indonesian architect; Andra Matin.

Junshan Cultural Center by Neri&Hu Design and Research OfficeJunshan Cultural Center by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office (Photography by Pedro Pegenaute).

Indonesian architecture in the Ray Boedi’s “eyes” 

Honesty is the right word to describe Ray Boedi's version of “good architecture”. According to him, architecture that does not lie displays the honesty of the materials used is the meaning of architectural goodness. In addition, the honesty displayed must also be functional, which means that it can meet the needs of the client.

Ke•Ra Design Studio tries to be “honest” in presenting its works, according to Ray, this is important for the progress of an architectural firm. In addition, honesty also plays an important role in the development of architecture in Indonesia today.

He said Indonesian architecture is currently very advanced, starting in the last 5-10 years. However, he sees that there are still some notes that Indonesian architects must pay attention to at this time.

“Architects in Indonesia must be more open about understanding architecture, study foreign architecture so that it can be implemented into local architecture, and articulate it thoroughly. The point is to keep learning.”

Interior design by Ke-Ra Design Studio
One of the Ke•Ra Design Studio interior projects.

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