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Expand Your View through FREMO, A New Innovation by Artemi

Thursday, 22 September 2022

PT Artemi Zenith International is a state of an art façade specialist which focuses on design and façade construction. Artemi runs by a team with integrity, with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Equipped with a 3d printer, CNC, and other various high-technology machines, Artemi commits to giving maximum support to customers and creating consistently high-quality products with the latest design and technology.

(Artemi’s Production with high technology and consistency)

(Artemi’s Production with high technology and consistency)

Artemi products consist of TECHNAL- France aluminum system, WAREMA- sunlight manager, CNC Cutting, and Carving, PCA - Interior Door System, MMTW - Portugal Minimal Frame windows + doors, and our own launched product, Fremo- aluminum system. 

Fremo - Aluminium system is a bridge between indoor and outdoor. Protection from heavy rain, city noise, and at the same time, an invitation to the beauty of nature, air, and natural lighting when needed. Along with the world and trends that keep changing, Fremo also evolves to provide doors and windows systems with the latest designs and tech. An element that gives accents to various kinds of architectural styles and always provides room for customization.

Fremo Contemporary Collection

An idea to solve the problem of tropical areas from conventional systems such as wood which is easily eaten by termites, and heavy iron that easily corroded.

(Artemi strives to continue to bring new innovations)

(Artemi strives to continue to bring new innovations)

Born through various types of research and made with precision, Fremo Contemporary is a European aluminum door window system with a sturdy yet lightweight structure, designed with unlimited configurations. Explore color combinations and types of openings, in the rectangular squares, or irregular shapes such as triangles or curves.

Fremo Invisi Collection

Fremo Invisi is an ‘avant-garde’ minimal window system that supports up to 2.5x5 m single vent dimensions.

(The latest system from Artemi, FREMO which is able to bring the outdoor atmosphere into the home)

(The latest system from Artemi, FREMO is able to bring the outdoor atmosphere into the home)

With only 23mm visible vertical lines, a concealable frames on all sides, Fremo Invisi redefines the boundaries of indoor living. It blends with the architecture and embraces continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

(details of the FREMO Invisi system)(details of the FREMO Invisi system)

(details of the FREMO Invisi system)

Fremo Invisi uses thick aluminum extrusion that slides upon our shock-absorber unique rollers, to ensure smoothness, safety, and user comfort.

Expand your view and enjoy the best of nature from the comfort of your home!

(the view outside blends with the architecture)

(the view outside blends with the architecture)



Brand: Artemi Zenith International
Contact: [email protected]

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