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5 RomanGranit Grande Specialties You Need to Know

Large granite tiles must also have a great effect on the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of the dwelling. RomanGranit Grande made with the most cutting-edge technology answers this challenge well. With the tagline "The Great Grande Redefine Greatness", this granite tile presents not only a large size but also beauty and perfection in every detail. (Interior illustrations using products from RomanGranit) The presence of RomanGranit Grande complements the RomanGranit product range which is famous for its great quality. RomanGranit Grande also brings a number of important innovations in the granite tile industry that can be a solution for architects, interior designers, contractors, developers, or building owners who want granite floors that can enhance the beauty of both residential and commercial. If RomanGranit Grande's appeal isn't just in its size, then what makes it special? Here are 5 features of RomanGranit Grande you need to know: 1. Big size RomanGranit Grande is easily recognizable by its larger size. This granite tile is available in three sizes consisting of 80x80 cm, 100x100 cm, and 120x60 cm. With its large size, RomanGranit Grande can strengthen the impression of luxury in residential and commercial buildings such as malls, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and office buildings. 2. A perfectly flat surface One of the concerns for people when installing granite tiles is an uneven surface. Instead of displaying luxury, the corrugated surface of granite tiles eliminates aesthetic values. But you don't need to worry if you use RomanGranit Grande because the straight and flat surface is perfect. With rectified technology, RomanGranit Grande also has a precise size with perfect elbow angles on each side. As a result, the installation of Grande can be done by handymen easily and quickly with neater results.  3. Lots of design choices The beauty of granite tiles can be seen directly in the design. In this case, the luxurious RomanGranit Grande is able to explore the beauty of natural stone with its natural motifs. With RomanGranit Grande, you'll find an expanse of granite tiles with veins and amazing natural stone colors. RomanGranit Grande is indeed an expert in displaying perfect designs thanks to Digital Tecnica Technology. This granite tile also presents a variety of designs and colors. With so many choices, architects or interior designers can freely realize the desired design idea, whether modern contemporary, modern minimalist, modern classic, or other design styles. 4. Glossy and matte polished surfaces You might be considering using large shiny granite tiles or vice versa granite with a matte or doff look. RomanGranit Grande will meet your design needs more perfectly. There are three types of finishes that are offered. First, polished glossy technical porcelain with a unique granular on its surface. The second is polished glossy glazed porcelain with its stunning glossiness, and the third is matte glazed porcelain that features a luxurious matt and contemporary style. 5. Best quality Water absorption is one of the important indicators for testing the quality of granite tiles. As a customer, you must be observant of this information. RomanGranit Grande has a water absorption rate below 0.50%. That is, this granite tile is very dense which ends up being very strong as well as durable. Everyone obviously wants strong building materials which can last a long time. Strength is also an important factor in granite tiles in particular floor coatings. To obtain the high-strength of granite tiles, the production process of RomanGranit Grande is carried out by burning at more than 1200 degrees Celsius. As a result, RomanGranit Grande has a Modulus of Rupture (bending modulus) of more than 40 newtons per square millimeter (N/mm2).  (Image: RomanGranit Grande dStatuario Continua) With the various features above, RomanGranit Grande is the best choice for those of you who crave large granite tiles that are strong and of high quality. Check out the RomanGranit Grande collection and get the products at the nearest House of Roman.         Brand: RomanGranit Grande Contact: [email protected]   Show more

Expand Your View through FREMO, A New Innovation by Artemi

PT Artemi Zenith International is a state of an art façade specialist which focuses on design and façade construction. Artemi runs by a team with integrity, with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Equipped with a 3d printer, CNC, and other various high-technology machines, Artemi commits to giving maximum support to customers and creating consistently high-quality products with the latest design and technology. (Artemi’s Production with high technology and consistency) Artemi products consist of TECHNAL- France aluminum system, WAREMA- sunlight manager, CNC Cutting, and Carving, PCA - Interior Door System, MMTW - Portugal Minimal Frame windows + doors, and our own launched product, Fremo- aluminum system.  Fremo - Aluminium system is a bridge between indoor and outdoor. Protection from heavy rain, city noise, and at the same time, an invitation to the beauty of nature, air, and natural lighting when needed. Along with the world and trends that keep changing, Fremo also evolves to provide doors and windows systems with the latest designs and tech. An element that gives accents to various kinds of architectural styles and always provides room for customization. Fremo Contemporary Collection An idea to solve the problem of tropical areas from conventional systems such as wood which is easily eaten by termites, and heavy iron that easily corroded. (Artemi strives to continue to bring new innovations) Born through various types of research and made with precision, Fremo Contemporary is a European aluminum door window system with a sturdy yet lightweight structure, designed with unlimited configurations. Explore color combinations and types of openings, in the rectangular squares, or irregular shapes such as triangles or curves. Fremo Invisi Collection Fremo Invisi is an ‘avant-garde’ minimal window system that supports up to 2.5x5 m single vent dimensions. (The latest system from Artemi, FREMO is able to bring the outdoor atmosphere into the home) With only 23mm visible vertical lines, a concealable frames on all sides, Fremo Invisi redefines the boundaries of indoor living. It blends with the architecture and embraces continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. (details of the FREMO Invisi system) Fremo Invisi uses thick aluminum extrusion that slides upon our shock-absorber unique rollers, to ensure smoothness, safety, and user comfort. Expand your view and enjoy the best of nature from the comfort of your home! (the view outside blends with the architecture)     Brand: Artemi Zenith International Contact: [email protected] Show more