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ARCH:ID 2023 Is Back and Invites to Reflect on Architectural Identity

Madani Matadian · March 16th, 2023
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The most awaited Architecture Festival, ARCH:ID, will be held again on 16-19 March 2023 at ICE BSD with the theme "Identity?". ARCH:ID, which is organized by the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) in collaboration with PT CIS Exhibition, will be a gathering place for architects, designers, stakeholders, and students to share knowledge and other experiences.

ARCH:ID held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD CityARCH:ID held at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City (Photo by ARCH:ID)

IAI as a professional organization of architects in Indonesia has an important role in realizing the progress of thinking and competence of professional architects who can compete in the increasingly advanced technological era. Thus, exhibitions such as ARCH:ID are a concrete manifestation that the necessary forum for exchanging various architectural knowledge and experiences is well available.

The curators and IAI staff (Photo by ARCH:ID)The curators and IAI staff (Photo by ARCH:ID)

"ARCH:ID is a platform for place makers to meet, establish and foster networks, and a space where Indonesian architectural stakeholders from upstream to downstream build together architecture as part of civilization," said Georgius Budi Yulianto, Chairman of IAI.

In organizing the third ARCH:ID, the curatorial team consisting of Wendy Djuhara, Maria Rosantina, and Andy Rahman, invited architects and related industry players to think and reflect on "identity" in architecture. This concept is the root of the discourse during the event.

One of the programs at ARCH:IDOne of the programs at ARCH:ID (Photo by ARCH:ID)

"In Indonesia itself, to build a new capital city and other areas, we need to dig deeper to understand the essence of our culture and architectural identity so we can take the right steps into the future," said Wendy Djuhara explaining the objectives of the theme raised.

ARCH:ID will be filled with two core programs namely exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition is held with architectural and design concepts that represent certain issues, while the international conference invites global and local speakers from across disciplines with various perspectives.

Exhibition is one of the two core programs in ARCH:ID 2023Exhibition is one of the two core programs in ARCH:ID 2023 (Photo by ARCH:ID)

Not only the two core programs, ARCH:ID 2023 will also feature other excellent programs, such as Curated Exhibitions (a collaboration of brand x architect), Featured Exhibition & Installation, Talk Series, Tuju Tuju Chat, BIM Adoption 101, ARCH:ID Night & Best Booth Awards, IAI National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas), IAI Program Outreach, 4 Nations Meeting consisting of (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand) and other interesting programs.

Various activity when in ARCH:IDVarious activity when in ARCH:ID (Photo by ARCH:ID)

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