Transformation of a Former Red Brick Warehouse into a Seafood Restaurant Dominated by Wood

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Thursday, 7 July 2022

A former red brick warehouse building located in West Queen West, Toronto, Canada, has long been left vacant and untreated. Feeling "regretful" about this, Omar Gandhi (OGA) decided to renovate it and build a Seafood restaurant, as the City of Toronto is adjacent to the beach.

Wood dominates the interior of Prime Seafood PalaceWood dominates the interior of Prime Seafood Palace

This is the Prime Seafood Palace, which occupies the building of the former red brick warehouse. Renovated by Omar Gandhi (OGA) designed the Prime Seafood Palace inspired by the shape of the cathedral which is dominated by wood in the interior. It is increasingly attractive because it has a white façade with black trim that can provide a wooden interior opportunity to appear with a visual full of aesthetics.

Interior of Prime Seafood PalaceInterior of Prime Seafood Palace

The interior of Prime Seafood Palace looks attractive with a combination of elegant nuances and minimalist Japanese-style designs that adorn the entire restaurant space. The main element components applied to this seafood restaurant are wood, leather, and brass. Each material of the selected material aims to create a lasting beauty of all time.

Bar Prime Seafood PalaceBar Prime Seafood Palace

Open concept kitchen on Prime Seafood PalaceOpen concept kitchen on Prime Seafood Palace

Wood and light are the main keys to evoking the interior atmosphere of the Prime Seafood Palace restaurant. The natural light that enters through the wood blind gap provides a warm atmosphere with a bright interior.

Skylight detailsSkylight details

Upon entering the Prime Seafood Palace, visitors will be greeted by a wood that stretches along the restaurant. In addition, visitors seem to be invited to "free themselves" through an airy interior space with high ceilings that are curved, creating perfect circulation in the restaurant. The canopy installed to cover the skylights on the ceiling creates an artistic impression as sunlight enters through the gaps from the maple wood. The application of wooden floors also adds to the harmony of the interior of the Prime Seafood Palace restaurant.

Charming skin chambersCharming skin chambers

Prime Seafood Palace is equipped with four large curved booths with matching leather sofas. In addition, there is a table with wooden chairs and a bar that gives customers the freedom to feel a different atmosphere. The open kitchen concept allows customers to see the chef in action when serving food.

Sheepskin upholstered wooden chairsSheepskin upholstered wooden chairs

The design at the Prime Seafood Palace restaurant is made with a special design to match the desired criteria. For furniture and chandeliers, for example, OGA collaborated with Coolican & Company to make every piece of furniture in this seafood restaurant look attractive and different from others. In addition, Concord designed a chandelier made of brass adding to the aesthetics of the interior space of the Prime Seafood Palace restaurant.

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