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The New Look of Perched House

Anabata Media · November 2nd, 2022
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Utilizing preservation to revive a building was Studio BO's idea to restore one of Morocco's penthouses. The idea was implemented for this 355-square-meter apartment so that it can respect its architectural history, although new meanings have been integrated into it.

The New Look of Perched House(Dining room and reading area)

This two-story apartment, Perched House by the owner, has very characteristic architectural elements, such as several built-in low beams, spiral staircases, walls, an arched roof, and luxurious memorable materials on the building.

The New Look of Perched House(The circumference room in the stairwell area is the main access to the apartment rooms)

The New Look of Perched House(The kitchen is dominated by monochrome colors)

The uniqueness of the Perched House character is the starting point for Studio BO to repair some damaged parts of the house without changing its shape and function. Subsequently, the renovation began by remodeling the old terrazzo and bringing it back on the cream-colored travertine stone floor in the living room and the striking green zellig beldi on the bathroom floor and walls. In addition, Studio BO also takes care of the stairs to make them more suitable for use. Meanwhile, part of the roof and some old sanitation were also repaired to function as before.

The New Look of Perched House(Beldi zellig mosaic applied to the walls of the bathroom)

The New Look of Perched House(Beldi zellig mosaic fills the walls and floor of the bathroom)

To give Perched House a new meaning, Studio BO designed a metal door and some glass with a black iron frame. In addition, new black elements were also added, such as curved bookshelves placed near the side windows and some contemporary furniture that complemented the space. Some abstract frescoes with light colors are also displayed on the sides of the walls as room decorations to make them more lively.

The New Look of Perched House(Curved black bookshelf with city view)

The neutral colors that dominate the interior of Perched House look 'bumping' with the rooftop design of this apartment which is full of green. The advantage of having open space on the roof is wider view access, so Studio BO complements this area with long green sofas as a place for residents to relax.

The New Look of Perched House(Rooftop looks beautiful with a dominating green color)

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