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Sher Maker's Way of Trapping Sunlight in Aesthetic Multi-Function Spaces

Anabata Media · August 11th, 2022
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Sher Maker has designed a simple yet elegant multifunctional space. This 50-square-meter commercial building was built in the parking area of the La Mai hotel in Chiangmai, Thailand.  The main function of designing this space is as a coffee bar, but the need for space that must be met results in this multi-functional room being able to "adjust" to accommodate various events, such as private cocktail parties, pre-wedding studios, art exhibitions, and other events related to the nearby hotel building.

Glass walls surround The Light Trap(Glass walls surround The Light Trap)

The Light Trap is a pop-up room to support multi-functional activities at the La Mai hotel. Sher Maker designed The Light Trap with cube-shaped walls surrounded by clear glass. With a strong structure, Sher Maker uses light steel columns with a roof supported by a single column in the middle.

The Light Trap - Coffee Shop multi-function(The Light Trap - Coffee Shop multi-function)

Complementing the space-forming elements, a hardscape is applied as a floor to The Light Trap. Another detail that beautifies The Light Trap is the gravel material on the floor which also serves as a barrier between the outer and inner areas. When visitors walk on gravel, the sound of its friction with footwear expresses the transit area from the outside area to the inside. The application of this pebble creates an ambiguous atmosphere in the space because it gives the feeling of being in an outdoor area.

Double curtains act as a barrier(Double curtains act as a barrier)

To enhance the function of the clear glass, Sher Maker observed the light from dawn to sunset during the process of designing The Light Trap. From his observations, Sher Maker found the conclusion that the light of the setting sun would radiate its light into the parking area and be blocked by surrounding buildings. This became the decision for Sher Maker to use a glass wall that acts as a large screen for light circulation.

The glass wall acts as a large screen for light(The glass wall acts as a large screen for light)

The Light Trap by Sher Maker(The Light Trap by Sher Maker)

In addition, Sher Maker also considers the effect of natural light that will enter the space, due to the condition of the space full of glass. To solve this problem, Sher Maker applies a curved double curtain as a thin barrier to minimize the acquisition of scorching light. Inside a simple space, Sher Maker designed a semicircular lounger that serves as a gathering point for all coffee shop customers.

(At night The Light Trap lights up the parking area of Hotel La Mai)(At night The Light Trap lights up the parking area of Hotel La Mai)

Curved chairs as a gathering point for customers(Curved chairs as a gathering point for customers)


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