Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Glasses Booth for Kids

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Rookies is one of the specialist outlets of pediatric glasses located in the center of Munich. Because it is specifically for children, this 30-square-meter outlet was designed by Stephanie Thatenhorst with a striking and colorful design.

Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Booth for Kid's Glasses(Outside view of Rookies interior)

According to Thatanehorst, the Rookies are "a noisy, wild, and unique paradise for children." So, the interior of Rookies will be adjusted to children's ergonomic standards ranging from seat height, glasses displays, and glass on the walls that are arranged according to children's height.

Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Booth for Kid's Glasses(The walls and ceiling are filled with triangular patterned tiles)

The interior of Rookies is designed to be as attractive as possible and plays bright colors, as well as small details that are child-friendly. Such as blue carpets that envelop the entire floor, foam-covered chairs, oval and circular glass, and storage of semicircular glasses covered with cloth.

"Everything is round. There are no corners to bump into," said Thatenhorst.

Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Booth for Kid's Glasses(Rookies interior designed to be kid-friendly, with blue carpet and semicircular storage design)

When children enter Rookies, their gazes will be on the walls and ceiling covered with green and white repetitive triangular tiles. Then, while choosing glasses on the apricot-colored display shelf attached to the wall, they will find a blue and pink-rimmed mirror next to it.

Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Booth for Kid's Glasses(Oval mirror is in the middle of the storage)

To maximize the ergonomics of interior design for children, Stephanie Thatenhorst set up an automatic machine to remove glasses placed on one side of the wall so that children do not need to be difficult when choosing the glasses they want.

Through Rookies, Stephanie Thatenhorst has been working to create a spatial experience for children who want to buy glasses through a striking, ergonomic design. All the elements and details in this store are arranged to be accessible to children, so Rookies can become the standard for a children's eyewear store that can be an inspiration to anyone

Rookies is an Ergonomic and Striking Booth for Kid's Glasses(Automatic machine for removing glasses is inside a checkerboard-patterned oval frame)

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