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Passing through the "Cave of Time" in Shuran Wellness Space, An Analogy of Peace

Anabata Media · August 4th, 2022
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Relaxation is the fundamental need of every human being to balance his life. This becomes important when this context is no longer a necessity, but a person's lifestyle. To meet the need for relaxation space, E Studio designed a 110-square-meter commercial building known as "Shuran Wellness Space."

According to E studio, "health therapy and foot massage can help the body and mind to relax, and liberate the soul. Perhaps only by being satisfied with "Fan Qiu" can one truly gain inner freedom."

Shuran Wellness Space designed by E StudioShuran Wellness Space designed by E Studio

Located in Shenzhen, China, Shuran Wellness Space is described as a "cave of time" that functions as a quiet health space. The cave of time is beautifully represented by E Studio to perfect the relaxation process of the visitors so that they feel as if time is stopping for them. To create a natural look, E Studio designed the walls using a horizontally arranged volcanic rock texture. Looking inside the building, Shuran Wellness Space has smooth corners and curved walls that serve as a barrier between spaces so as to create a space of privacy for guests.

Smooth textures and curved walls dominate Shuran Wellness SpaceSmooth textures and curved walls dominate Shuran Wellness Space

E Studio decided to create a curved shape on the wall without a special pattern to minimize the "limiting" impression. Another advantage of the curved shape of this wall is that it is able to prevent excess sunlight from entering the space. 

The application of volcanic rock textures to the walls creates a natural impression on the spaceThe application of volcanic rock textures to the walls creates a natural impression on the space

Time tunnel at Shuran Wellness SpaceTime tunnel at Shuran Wellness Space

Shuran Wellness Space seems to "invite" visitors through the lobby visible from the street. When entering the lobby area, Shuran Wellness Space will offer a cozy atmosphere with some furniture that beautifies the interior of the lobby. You can see the reception desk made of concrete cast, designed with a visual similar to a stone that is eroded by time. Not only that, but E studio also added a large round moon-like lamp hanging on the reception desk with warm white light to create a comfortable warm atmosphere.

Shuran Wellness Space LobbyShuran Wellness Space Lobby

As a building with commercial functions that must have a lot of zoning for various purposes, Shuran Wellness Space connects each space through a tunnel that brings an experience like in a cave. This is reinforced by the material used as the tunnel structure, as E Studio uses natural materials by regulating the intensity of the light as if to attract guests to walk through time and away from reality.

Massage chair area at Shuran Wellness SpaceMassage chair area at Shuran Wellness Space

Overall, the interior space of Shuran Wellness Space offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere with simple patterns that invite people to enter and feel comfortable and relaxed away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shuran Wellness Space massage areaShuran Wellness Space massage area




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