Old and New House for the Safe Retirement

Anabata Media | September 29th, 2022

Building a retirement home is the client's wishful thinking to prosper their parents' old days. However, they wanted inseparable proximity in the construction of their homes. Therefore, they plan to build a retirement house in the main house’s courtyard as an space extension that integrates the two family relationships.

Old and New House for the Safe Retirement (The retirement house in the courtyard of the main house as an extension of the space that integrates the two family relationships)

Objekt Architecten took over the retirement house renovation that built to replace the former 490-square-meter warehouse. Because it occupies a former warehouse, the team took the initiative to maintain the exterior walls featuring exposed concrete textures and classic bricks to reinforce the house’s characteristics. So, in appearance, this house will be slightly different from the main house. Both represent their respective inhabitants.

Old and New House for the Safe Retirement (Exterior walls of the former warehouse featuring bricks)

Old and New House for the Safe Retirement (Exterior walls of the former shed in the courtyard of the house)

Objekt Architecten programmed this retirement home located in the Flemish countryside of Belgium with a direct connection to the main house. This access is provided just in case of an emergency, parents can go directly to the main building without having to walk far. In addition, the entrance is also arranged separately to provide sufficient privacy for the two families living in one scope.

This retirement home is designed with safe materials for the elderly. The structure is built using fine exposed concrete and the floor uses exposed cement have been cleaned with fine air conditioning so that it is not slippery. To bring the house alive, furniture with bright colors is chosen as a complementary element as well as a support for the house.

Old and New House for the Safe Retirement (Multi-function blue partition)

No less important, lighting and ventilation are also requirements for designing a healthy retirement home. In this case, Objekt Architecten regulates circulation through large openings that surround the house.

The new volume is designed to be able to accommodate all the needs of the retirement home, such as a lounge area, living room, and play area for the grandchildren. Interestingly, in the central part of the space, Objekt Architecten arranges a large blue partition that has several sides with different functions. On one side, there is a toilet, a cloakroom, and a staircase that is the access to the upper floor. On the other hand, this blue partition becomes a storage place for cookware.

Old and New House for the Safe Retirement (Large openings become a natural source of light and air)

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