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Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant

Anabata Media · September 21st, 2022
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Samara is a restaurant by Mutuus Studio located in Seattle, Washington, United States. The restaurant is designed and formed using local ingredients. In the design of Samara, Mutuus Studio wanted a space that felt timeless and comfortable but still gave attention to its aesthetic elements even though it was simple

Samara Restaurant: Plant-Inspired, Proud of Old Copper(Samara dining area dominated by dark oak)

The name of this restaurant is taken from the samara plant whose fruit seems to have wings, and in America, this plant is known as 'the fruit of elm.' Usually, samara plants live on hitchhiking trees, for example, elm and maple trees.

Inspired by samara plants, Mutuus Studio designed part of the restaurant's interior with dark wood panels and oak wainscoting to create a calm atmosphere like in the forest. While some of the other parts are painted in gray to balance the design of the dark space.

Samara Restaurant: Plant-Inspired, Proud of Old Copper(View of the dining area from the chef's table)

Samara Restaurant: Plant-Inspired, Proud of Old Copper(Bright gray color present to balance the dark oak)

The restaurant can accommodate up to 38 guests through various seating options, in leather chairs or on a stool bar lined with chef's tables. The open concept of Samara's kitchen aims to provide an experience for guests when they see the chef serving food. Behind the chef's desk, a large oven made of Danish bricks with copper on top seems to be the main stage of this kitchen. The team explained that bricks and copper were chosen because of their strong properties in retaining heat from the fire.

Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant(Visitors are free to choose a seat, whether to sit in a leather chair or a chair directly opposite the chef)

Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant(Behind the chef's counter is an open oven surrounded by bricks and copper on it)

Interestingly, the team provided an element of space decoration in the form of an unused copper pan. It looks simple but attractive. The nature of copper that appears as it is and is not easily destroyed by age has illustrated the vision of Mutuus Studio, namely immortality.

Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant(Copper pan for space decoration)

Lighting on Samara is set low, the purpose of which is to help create an intimate feeling in the restaurant's interior. Cylinder lamps made of knurled copper pipes of different widths play an important role in the restaurant's lighting. This lamp can be rotated and placed on the dining table thanks to its flexible nature. In addition, the team gave it a unique touch by installing a candle holder made of linen and resin on several parts of the wall.

Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant(Lighting is also present through candles placed on some parts of the wall)

Mutuus Studio Present the "classy" Samara Restaurant(Oak is also used on the front wall of the bathroom)

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