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Industrial Atmosphere at the Kith Flagship Store in Williamsburg

Dinda Karina Y · March 28th, 2023
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A flagship store featuring a variety of clothing brands Located in the 25 Kent Plaza office building, the store was designed by Kith brand founder Ronnie Fieg and a team of in-house architects concerning the neighborhood's industrial history. The industrial atmosphere is presented by using brick, wood, and steel materials, as well as several other elements in the store's interior design, which opened on March 24, 2023.

Façade of Kith Flagship Store in WilliamsburgFaçade of Kith Flagship Store in Williamsburg

When visitors enter the store, there is a staircase from the outdoor square to the inside. Visitors are immediately greeted by a display of children's clothing on a hanging shelf on the left side of the entrance. Behind the display is the Kith Treats area, which sells a combination of ice cream and cereal, a very popular dish that attracts children. The walls of this area seem luxurious with Rosa Aurora marble lining and have glass windows facing the street. 

Kith Flagship Store entrance to the display areaKith Flagship Store entrance to the display area

Kith Treats area with charming marble wallsKith Treats area with charming marble walls

The industrial atmosphere is felt when visitors surround the store and see clothing products on display hanging from wooden clothes racks and metal support poles. The floor in this shop is made with polished concrete material stretching through the space. Structural elements of the building, such as large columns and piping paths on the ceiling, are left exposed. This display area has received natural lighting from glass openings covered with metal fins blocking sunlight from the eastern exposure while revealing the brand logo from the outside. As for additional lighting, some lights radiate perpendicularly, like sunlight, towards the wall. 

"The industrial atmosphere is offset by lush oak trees outside, and abundant greenery is scattered throughout the store," the brand told Dezeen.

Industrial atmosphere around the clothing displayIndustrial atmosphere around the clothing display

The centerpiece of this store is the central area, a large circular structure lined with red brick on the outside and white oak inside. Several oblique arched cavities in the structure have metal-plated under sections and provide two-sided entrances and display cases for the brand's sneaker collection. Next to the shoe display case, a curved wooden bench is provided, and visitors can be used to try shoe products. This central element mostly uses wood materials, including a dome-shaped ceiling with circular lights radiating to the edges concentrically. 

"We built the central dome completely from scratch and made the exterior out of the same bricks used on the exterior of the main building, so it feels very cohesive when you walk in," Ronnie Fieg told Dezeen.

Central area with red brick cladding on the outer wallsCentral area with red brick cladding on the outer walls

The interior of the central area with a wooden domeThe interior of the central area with a wooden dome

As the store's identity, Kith put the brand logo made of mosaic tiles on the floor. The presence of this logo adorns a plain and gray concrete floor. The background of this area is a display shelf of accessories such as socks, glasses, and others. The display in the middle is marked "KITH" to balance the logo and provide information to visitors.

The Kith logo on the floor is the store's identityThe Kith logo on the floor is the store's identity

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