Industrial Apartment Designed by Francesco Meneghello

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Friday, 29 July 2022

One of London's apartments features an industrial concept with free art objects illuminated by natural light through large openings. The industrial concept is known as "bold raw space" engraved with light and shadow to create aesthetics in the interior of the apartment. Francesco Meneghello applies minimal space decorating elements with free and diverse details.

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloFrancesco Meneghello designs bold raw spaces with free detail

The concept of an open living room, illuminated by large windows is typical of industrial concepts. Well-thought-out layout and furniture arrangement create regular visual continuity in the apartment. The dining room and living room that does not have partitions show a direct connection between the rooms. 

The large black leather upholstered sofa with its curved shape gives an intimate atmosphere to the relaxing area. In addition, a single sofa shrouded in white fur conveys warmth to the interior of the apartment. Artistic expression in the relaxed area is conveyed through frescoes inspired by the famous painter, Gustave Courbet, L'Origine du monde. 

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloRelaxing area

Representing the classic concept of an apartment, Francesco Meneghello applied a large marble table in the dining room with black color typical of the industrial style to make it look proportional to other spaces. Beside it, there is a geometric black chair surrounding the olive tree in the middle, which is a symbol of the sanctity of nature. 

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloIndustrial dining room combined with classic marble table

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloMezzanine accommodates private lounges

Francesco Meneghello designed the mezzanine to provide a private space and an intimate atmosphere for apartment dwellers. Through the stairs, a mezzanine that accommodates a lounge with two armchairs and a painting shows the ideal connection between the personal lounge and the internal space behind it. Looking deeper, the first private space is a wardrobe inspired by the avant-garde boutique in Berlin. Stunningly looking, the natural light entering through the skylight highlights the futuristic furniture, adding beauty to the wardrobe area. The master bedroom with a geometric layout design inspired by the comfort of the sleeping area in Japan is realized in a simple geometric shape. Equipped with an en-suite bathroom with a marble sink to erase the impression of "rough space."

Through this apartment project, Francesco Meneghello tells about his vision which refers to the balance between full and empty.

Mezzanine accommodates private loungesWardrobe

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloMaster bedroom

Industrial Apartment With Free Details Designed By Francesco MeneghelloEn-suite bathroom

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