Hotel TT in Busan, Inspired by Beautiful Nature

Dinda Karina Yohanny | January 11, 2023

Busan is one of the port cities with hustle activity in the southeast of Korea. However, the advantages of being on the coast give the buildings in Busan a charming panorama. This makes Design by 83 design a hotel that focuses on the expression of nature. 

Hotel TT is a 490-square-meter boutique hotel with a spacious design with a simple but unique taste. Visually, Hotel TT has a minimalist concept by combining natural elements and free space. This design aims to offer a different atmosphere from other hotels in Busan. 

The Entrance of TT HotelThe Entrance of Hotel TT

A simple impression is first seen on the façade of a hotel that uses modern and functional materials, but visitors will feel a significant difference when entering the interior. The first-floor lobby is designed spaciously to maximize air circulation but is arranged with a minimalist atmosphere but still displays natural elements. The shape of the ceiling is like expressing the waveform of seawater finished in gray from foil material that can reflect natural sunlight to illuminate the room. The visual depicts Busan's nature, which is dominated by sea and river scenery. 

The color palette applied to the TT Hotel is warm, including light gray, beige, and light brown. The colors then blend in with the sun's natural light to appear bright while saving energy during the day. Design by 83 also complements the lobby with a comfortable cream-colored sofa placed on one side of the lobby.

The Shape of the Ceiling in Lobby Area is Like a WaveThe Shape of the Ceiling in the Lobby Area is Like a Wave

Seating in the Lobby AreaSeating in the Lobby Area

Moving on to the 20th floor, a commercial area, this area seeks to link the relationship between interior space and exterior natural elements that come together beautifully. There is a restaurant equipped with supporting furniture such as tables and chairs. There is also a bar table in the middle of the room with an open concept so visitors can see the waiter preparing and serving food and drinks directly. 

Dining Area in TT Hotel Dining Area in Hotel TT

Natural elements are still so thickly felt in this room through the application of stone tiles, natural stone patterned walls, cream-colored marble countertop tables, wooden parquet floors, and up-ceiling coatings with dark-colored wood motifs. Guests will experience spatial experience through ceiling games that implement an up-ceiling system equipped with light accents around it in a modular form that is repetitive with warm lamp colors. Design by 83 again utilizes the natural panorama outside the window to solve the problem of low ceilings, so visitors will be presented with views of the Nakdonggang river, park, and Seobusan mountain through large and massive window frames. 

Natural Scenery Can Be Seen from the WindowNatural Scenery Can Be Seen from the Window

Through this window, sunlight will enter and form a beautiful shadow. In the interior design of Hotel TT, a space inspired by "beautiful nature" is a potential that must be considered to offer its uniqueness that is different from other hotels in Busan, South Korea. Like gazing at the sunlight and the refreshing air, this hotel wraps up the soul-refreshing natural scenery.

Natural View at Hotel TT

Natural View at Hotel TT


Layout of the First Floor at Hotel TT

Layout of the First Floor at Hotel TT

Layout of the 20'th Floor of Hotel TT

Layout of the 20th Floor of Hotel TT

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