General Artigas: New Shape of 1950s Buildings

Dinda Karina Yohanny | February 3rd, 2023

Castro Cyon Arquitetas has been renovating a building back in the 50s in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This 140 square meter apartment has a narrow and ancient space shape. It was finally renovated with a new interior concept but still retains the original characteristics of the building. Started this renovation project from an open-plan design by opening old walls in some parts to create connections between free and spacious spaces.

The Interior Design of General ArtigasThe Interior Design of General Artigas

In this living room,  some beams and columns of the structure cannot be disassembled and are left exposed. A brilliant idea from Castro Cyon Arquitetas by creating a bookshelf that stretches between two columns of the structure. This bookshelf is a partition that borders the living room with other spaces. In addition, to evoke the atmosphere of the space, a bright blue color is chosen on the sofa and window sills to give a sense of contrast to the design. Behind the sofa is a dining room that blends into the living room. Designers choose neutral color tones in the dining room, which can be seen in wood materials on dining tables and chairs.

The Blue Sofa in the Living Room Stands OutThe Blue Sofa in the Living Room Stands Out

Warmth is present in the dining room with the selection of wooden furnitureWarmth is Present in the Dining Room with the Selection of Wooden Furniture

General Artigas applies a two-sided linear kitchen type that is quite efficient and suitable for an apartment. The storage table and cooking area are elongated, and a place to wait when the dishes arrive is equipped with two red stool chairs. The lower and upper counters in this kitchen are made with wood material with a natural finish that matches the furniture in the dining room.

Kitchen Area of General Artigas ApartmentKitchen Area of General Artigas Apartment

The restoration of this apartment carries different flooring materials in each area. The application of varied flooring materials aims to evoke an atmosphere and limit the function of each space. For example, the dining and living rooms use wooden floors with zigzag motifs. While in the kitchen area and terrace, use terracotta-colored tiles. The children's bedroom and the master bedroom also use wood flooring materials of different colors and motifs.

Different Floor Materials to Become the Boundary

Different Floor Materials to Become the Boundary

A large window is in the children's bedroom to maximize the incoming light and make the room bright. This room is equipped with two terraced beds with wood material. In addition, there is also a table with two chairs used for children's activities such as reading, enjoying snacks, or just relaxing.

Children’s Bedroom Children’s Bedroom

Turning to the master bedroom in this apartment is designed to be open with many window openings. From this window, residents can enjoy the view of the trees around their apartment. The design of the main room is dominated by pure white and neutral colors. As a place to rest after a day of activities, this bedroom is expected to give the impression of relaxation and simplicity.

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom

Some walls were torn down from the previous building layout and replaced with new wall bulkheads shown in the image below with thicker lines. Despite this, the beams and columns of the structure were retained. So that the layout was redesigned to be more open and seem spacious. Through this renovation design, Castro Cyon Arquitetas made the General Artigas Apartment a comfortable residence for a family.

The Layout of General Artigas Apartment The Layout of General Artigas Apartment

The Axonometry of General Artigas Apartment

The Axonometry of General Artigas Apartment

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