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Fala Atelier Designed "Suspended House" as an Ambiguous Volume

Dinda Karina Y · February 8th, 2023
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A house in Portugal has an unusual design and color composition, so it contrasts sharply with the building next to it. With a building area of 270 square meters, Fala Atelier created a new three-story private residence called "Suspended House".

Suspended House Facade at NightSuspended House Facade at Night

The façade of this building has a characteristic large glass opening on each floor. Because it does not use sun shading, this house uses colorful roller blinds to reduce heat from incoming sunlight. As a result, the contrasting blue, red, and tosca colors will reflect the lights inside the house at night. The unusual design of the façade of this house is the presence of a drain pipe left to look out of the air, a pink marble disc that makes the composition unbalanced, and an erratic marble front.

Drain Pipes Visible on the Facade

Drain Pipes Visible on the Facade

Entering the house's interior, there is a staircase of plaster cement to go to the top floor. In the middle of the room is a large column hanging down. The non-centered column serves as a hinge and divides each level into four equal parts. If a building column is usually in the form of a block, it is different from the column in the Suspended House, which has an irregular shape. In addition, the irregular shape of the ceiling and the presence of semicircular elements on the wall make the impression of this house even more ambiguous because the composition needs to be balanced.

There is a Hanging Column in the Middle of the RoomThere is a Hanging Column in the Middle of the Room

There is a Hanging Column in the Middle of the Room

Hanging Column Details

However, the presence of such columns gives the building another function in addition to being a reinforcing structure. Columns hanging a few centimeters below the floor surface make cleaning easy. The floor is arranged in dark and light colors intermittently like a chessboard. The application of this alternating color composition also looks the same as on the façade. Upstairs, the column is the center of the blue doors that limit the room.

The Coloumn at the Upstairs

The Column at the Upstairs

Judging from the axonometric plan, the front and rear facades of this building are made similar but not the same so that it gives off a dynamic impression. The design of this house is made flexible and arouses the spirit of the residents who occupy it. With this house, beauty does not always have to be created from a symmetrical composition. Instead, a fixed or flexible space program uniformly occupies a part of the space in this house, leaving residents free to determine its usefulness.

The Axonometry of Suspended HouseThe Axonometry of Suspended House


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