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Exotic Workplace Garden with "Nature Connect" Concept in Poland

Dinda Karina Y · March 24th, 2023
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An exotic workplace garden in the heart of the Olivia Business Center office complex in Gdansk with the concept of "Nature Connect". Although located in Poland's modern Tri-City business district and designed by Malinowski Design, the project seeks to bring a tropical ecosystem to the pavilion's interior by blending nature, people, and technology. The presence of this garden is expected to be a place to unwind after busy office activities and through contact with nature, which is difficult to do, especially when in the city.

Exotic workplace garden view in PolandExotic workplace garden view in Poland

"The Nature Connect concept used in Olivia Garden is based on the assumption that the arrangement of the entire space is built in such a way as to fully reflect the mood of the natural ecosystem, positively influencing the well-being of people," said Malinowski Design.

This indoor garden is named Olivia Garden and is used as a space to work and relax throughout the year. The design created by Malinowski Design pays attention to the most important details on the utility of the building, such as noise levels, air quality, and type of light, and the environment is very well maintained so that it can have a calming effect on the mood of visitors.

Olivia garden as a space to work and relax with a natural atmosphereOlivia garden as a space to work and relax with a natural atmosphere

Some areas in this garden are the main garden with green walls, deep forests, artificial rivers, coworking areas, and grandstands. These areas fall into four zones for garden users: dialogue, relaxation, co-workers, food & drink. A mezzanine, terrace, walkway, and ramps were built between the two. The path between zones is made of wood material in line with the surrounding trees.

The axonometry of Olivia GardenThe axonometry of Olivia Garden

Each zone in the garden is connected by wooden walkwaysEach zone in the garden is connected by wooden walkways

With a land area of 800 square meters, Olivia Garden is planted with about 4,000 plants represented by 118 species and varieties from various countries, namely Indonesia, Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar, Venezuela, and the Amazon tropical forest. To coordinate thousands of greenery to make it more attractive, the garden is divided into three zones for dry, wet, and floodplain vegetation. The differences between the three zones are characterized by different plant species and substrate types adapted to the needs of each species.

This garden is planted with almost 4000 green plants from various countriesThis garden is planted with almost 4000 green plants from various countries

The innovation applied to this garden is that technology to control the garden's climate under the roof is used, allowing it to maintain the garden's ecosystem and reduce energy consumption. The proper arrangement of plants in the pavilion will give rise to natural air movement. For lighting systems, shade curtains control sunlight and are thermal insulation, reducing cooling costs and limiting heat loss in winter. These innovations make the climate more hospitable for humans and reduce energy costs because it maximizes air conditioning and natural lighting.

The utility system applied to Olivia GardenThe utility system applied to Olivia Garden

In the construction process, the project also worked closely with landscape architects, botanists, technologists in climate production, sculptors, and interior designers. With this collaboration, the main goal of Olivia Garden will be achieved.

Olivia Garden development processOlivia Garden development process

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