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Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant

Anabata Media · September 15th, 2022
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Tarentum Bar & Restaurant is a 230 square meter commercial building in Futian Central Business District (CBD), Shenzhen. Mars Studio, the designer of this restaurant, tries to introduce and present the concept's uniqueness but is still able to welcome customers, most of whom are office workers.

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Tarentum Bar & Restaurant provides a dining experience under the "dunes")

According to Mars Studio, the design of the bar and restaurant significantly considers the design concept because of its typography as a commercial building. The standard for this building is to maximize space flexibility, comfort, and aesthetics to provide an unforgettable dining experience for consumers. So, Mars Studio took advantage of the floor area by looking for the best solution for the overall design of the bar and restaurant.Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Pivot glass door becomes the entrance to Tarentum Bar & Restaurant)

The design starts from an interesting perspective that brings urban public space into the interior of bars and restaurants to provide an experience like being in a free downtown public area.

However, Mars Studio found it a challenge when it realized that the ceiling structure of this building has a different height. So, after thinking about the right solution, Mars Studio decided to design a ceiling with an arch that resembles the shape of a "dune." Through his brilliant idea, Mars Studio has solved the problem of height differences in the interior and created a unique art space like a cave.

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Concept Diagram)

In the inner area, a letter L bar against the background of the luminous 'dunes' seemed to greet guests kindly, inviting guests to go deeper into the dining area. From here, guests will feel the change from a public space to a private dining room.

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Bar area with elements of "dunes" on the ceiling)

In this area, Mars Studio wanted to tuck in the identity details of Tarentum Bar & Restaurant without disturbing the aesthetics of the "dunes" on the ceiling. So, finally, Mars Studio decided to put the identity of Tarentum Bar & Restaurant on one of the walls considered to be the focal point in its interior.

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Dining area equipped with the identity of Tarentum Bar & Restaurant)

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(The identity applied to one of the walls becomes the focal point in the dining area)

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Linear lighting evokes the concept of "dunes" in the dining area)

The selection of interior materials focuses on fine materials to represent the softness of the dunes. These smooth walls deliberately painted to be "dirty" are also part of the intentionality of Mars Studio, which creates a stunning aesthetic of dunes. Featuring a straight linear light extending at the junction of the wall and floor, the inner spaces of this restaurant appear dramatically through echoes of the curved light set along the surface of the ceiling. This lighting also became the life of the restaurant and evoked the atmosphere of the "dune" space.

The design concept of this "dune" also flows to the façade of the building and becomes the iconic identity of Tarentum Bar & Restaurant.

Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(The small sculpture above tarentum's identity becomes a decorative element that complements the aesthetics of the dining area)


Dramatic "Dunes" at Tarentum Bar & Restaurant(Facade of Tarentum Bar & Restaurant)

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