DAGA Architects Invites People to “Escape” from the Earth Through Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee

Madani Matadian | Thursday, 24 March 2022

A coffee shop in Shanghai has become a hot topic due to its very unusual interior design. Representing itself as a space object, Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee is a place for humans who plan to "escape" from the "earth" that is damaged and on the verge of destruction.

Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee by DAGA Architects

Inside the cafe, placed a round object resembling a spaceship, with lots of floating greenery filling the room. DAGA Architects places the object like a crashed plane onboard by a human who is looking for a new place to live that resembles the earth. This coffee shop is analogous to a habitable planet that has the availability of oxygen so that it can create a new life in the future.

Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee by DAGA ArchitectsThe coffee table is an evolution of a polished second-hand airplane capsule designed to suit the needs of the cafe. Equipped with lights from the hatch cover that illuminate the entire coffee-making area while adding to the impression of the mystery of space. This room is also equipped with two large windows for light circulation.

The coffee table is an evolution of a polished second-hand airplane capsule

The coffee table is an evolution of a polished second-hand airplane capsule

To enjoy the coffee, visitors can choose to sit inside or outside the capsule with a view that is presented as if they are exploring space using a shuttle. When visitors sit in low chairs, they will feel like they have landed on the surface of Mars, supported by metallic wooden box elements that further strengthen the atmosphere.

Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee by DAGA Architects

Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee by DAGA ArchitectsOn the side of the window, there is a long table made of tree trunks suspended in the air overlooking the view of the tall buildings outside. This table is complemented by a mirror placed on the flat side of the table so that visitors can see a visual reflection of what they are doing on the table.

a long table made of tree trunksUltimately, Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee is a space for time travel. Where the only thing that can be done is sipping a cup of coffee, as an act of "escape" from the damaged earth. Here, visitors are invited to empty their minds and enjoy moments of peace in the universe. Thus, through its interior design, this cafe combines the concepts of exploration and time travel.

Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee by DAGA Architectsplan of Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee


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