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Rosalin Citra Utami Kapa | Thursday, 13 January 2022

BOHO Décor, founded in 2015, is a young interior design and construction company that has contributed a lot to leading projects developing in Vietnam. After the expansion, BOHO Décor was relocated to a new office designed to cater to the company culture and inspire an enthusiastic team.

BOHO Décor Head Office

This office is designed in a busy urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City. It is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Newtecons Building, which is also challenging to design this office. With many offices downstairs, busy outdoor areas, and lack of views, these must be considered carefully in designing this head office. That's when they decided to give the BOHO Décor office a completely different approach by bringing it all in.

BOHO Décor Head Office

Architects use the core design to direct the sight to the heart of the office, where they create an alternative oasis of view for people. Distinctive communal spaces & public features like reception areas, construction desk, gallery hall, and printing room are gathered into a central space called 'The Core.' The main working desk sections are then distributed around their sights towards The Core. Apart from that, the meeting rooms are sectioned privately in the corner, ensuring total focus and privacy for all meeting sessions.

BOHO Décor Head Office

Another problem the team faced was related to low, indirect light. This problem was successfully solved with a new technology lighting system. This system can adjust the brightness and color according to the natural environment and human biological clock conditions. Following the sun's movement will help the human body balance hormone levels, which can keep it focused in the morning and gradually relax when working hours are over. This intelligent artificial lighting system plays an essential role in the BOHO Decor Head Office interior solution.

BOHO Décor Head Office

Architects have also used color to set the right mood and tone for each different space. For example, bright yellows and neutral greys, representing creativity & professionalism, are used to give a modern dynamic look to the common areas. While dark blues & muted greens, representing wisdom & growth, are used entirely for meeting rooms.

BOHO Décor Head Office

BOHO Décor Head Office

BOHO Décor Head Office

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BOHO Décor
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Hiroyuki Oki
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