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Anabata Media | Tuesday, 31 August 2021

There is an ambition to create a place for a beer spa when the owner visited the Czech Republic and finished trying a beer spa that gives real benefits to the skin. Belgium has a beer quality that is no less interesting than the Czech Republic, armed with the fact that the owner consulted with We Want More as a consultant to create an interior with a touch of intimate and classic relaxation.

Bar and Barley Brussel

Bar and Barley Brussel

To cultivate the classic impression of furniture to support the salon's operation, the designer uses wood materials following the gold base color in the interior area of the salon. Dry barley and hops hang from the ceiling along with perfumes that add sensory elements to the visitor's softer spa experience. The installation of glass partitions in the salon area is used as a barrier between visitors' spa rooms.

Bar and Barley Brussel

The entire salon area is very convenient for visitors to create a new sensation of the beer spa. With a warm atmosphere and a pleasant beer spa, visitors will feel the energy to activity.

Bar and Barley Brussel

Bar and Barley Brussel

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We Want More Studio
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Brussel, Belgium
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We Want More Studio
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KeRa Designed Brooklyn Barbershop with Dual Functions, Includes a Coffee Shop KeRa Designed Brooklyn Barbershop with Dual Functions, Includes a Coffee Shop

In Medan, there is a barbershop that collaborates with a barber room with a coffee shop. With a limited area of 70 square meters, KeRa Design had to rack its brains to design a room with dual function. In addition, the user with a different activity is also a problem for KeRa Design. Shaving your hair and brewing a glass of coffee are two very different things in terms of usability and spatial arrangement. Located in a densely populated residential area in Medan, a shop was transformed into a barbershop known as the Brooklyn Barbershop. (Interior view of Brooklyn Barbershop) The owner wants a barbershop that not only looks beautiful but should be comfortable. A barbershop that includes a coffee shop is a fresh idea for KeRa Design to expose every activity in the space. Finally, a concept was set to form the basis of the design of the Brooklyn Barbershop, which is designed with glass bulkheads to allow all activities to be open and have a good circulation rotation in confined spaces. (Glass block on the façade) (Glass block on the façade) Brooklyn Barbershop is designed with a predominantly white interior with a façade that uses glass block material to bring out soft light from the interior, so it looks like a burning lantern. Maximum artificial light is applied in order to create a bright interior while being able to give an image of the barbershop and coffee shop with a sterile image. In addition, this artificial light is able to display interior elements that look to have maximum cleanliness. The exposed walls depict the freedom of every space user activity in the Brooklyn Barbershop. (Hidden furniture) The interior of Brooklyn Barbershop is equipped with minimalist furniture that is accommodated the needs of the space and its users. This is evidenced by the long table which is specially designed as a continuity between the barbershop and the coffee shop, but this table is insulated by the transparent tempered glass to separate the two functions of the space. In addition, a special barbershop chair is also chosen in white and gray colors to harmonize the minimalist concept in the room. Interestingly, there is flexible furniture that is neatly stored in the storage, if it is issued, this furniture can include the needs of sitting with a table that is in accordance with ergonomics. This hidden furniture is a brilliant idea for a limited space so that the room does not feel cramped. (Glass partition as a separator of barbershop and coffee shop)      

Constantin Brodzki's Modernist Building Transformed into Co-Working Spaces with James Bond Vibe Constantin Brodzki's Modernist Building Transformed into Co-Working Spaces with James Bond Vibe

Going East has reconstructed a most iconic building in Belgium into a co-working office. Located in Brussels, Fosbury & Sons transforms the headquarters building of Constantin Brodzki's CBR Modernist cement company built in the 1970s. The architecture of this building is certainly not like an ordinary office building, this old building looks attractive with a distinctive facade and has 756 dramatic oval-shaped windows with curved prefabricated concrete panels. This old building looks attractive with 756 oval-shaped windows on the façade  The reconstruction and renovation process is focused on interior spaces, designed by Michiel Martens and Anais Torfs from Studio Going East that aim to create an atmosphere inside the space that feels like a hotel or residence rather than feeling like an office. Michiel Martens admitted to facing challenges in the process of working on this building, that’s how to make each floor feel special with the aim of each user feeling happy and comfortable when in the room but still maintaining the original character of the building. The interior of Fosbury & Sons The concrete pillars and walls were deliberately left exposed and perfected with decorations by Florian Tomballe Some interior elements are custom-made as part of the design, such as marble tables, concrete stairs, wooden furniture, and lighting, one of them a chandelier. The interior elements applied are expected to add perfection to the room, such as furniture that uses wood materials and upholstered sofas that increasingly make the atmosphere of the room feel warm and comfortable, pillars and concrete walls deliberately left exposed perfected by greenery decoration give a natural impression and gives coolness in the room. Chandeliers are specially designed to add perfection to Fosbury & Sons In addition to private office space and shared office space, Fosbury & Sons has luxurious facilities. There is plenty of space throughout this building. For example, the lobby and bar on the ground floor become the perfect place to work and meet people in a pleasant environment and trigger worker productivity. The Co-working also provides 15 best meeting rooms, an auditorium capable of accommodating 75 people with a large screen and there is a bar and restaurant on the 8th floor with beautiful views of the Sonian forest. Overall, Fosbury & Sons can accommodate up to 600 workers and 250 companies, which retained the characteristics of the original building in appreciation to Constantin Brodzki. Relaxing sofa with white cloth dressing Floor plan of Fosbury & Sons