7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny Space

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Monday, 21 November 2022

Living in a small space is about making the most of what you have. The selection and use of furniture are also a special concern to strive for comfort in a fairly narrow space. With the appropriate size and function of furniture, users will still feel comfortable in a confined space.

The following seven pieces of built-in and multifunctional furniture made of wood can be an inspiration to get around the limited space while complementing the needs of its users.

Bookgroove by Deniz Aktay

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceBookgroove by Deniz Aktay (Photo by Deniz Aktay)

This multifunctional side table entitled "Bookgroove" by Deniz Aktay offers a minimalist aesthetic in a limited space. Unlike side tables in general, Deniz Aktay designed this side table with two functions: a desk and a bookshelf. Bookgroove is made using solid wood that is cylindrical shaped and has a cavity for the book holder. Its unique shape and ergonomic volume served as inspiration for designing a table with similar functions and shapes for your small space.

More about Bookgroove – Deniz Aktay's Dual Function Side Table

Feeling Library by Caukin Studio

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceFeelings Library by Caukin Studio (Photo by Aron Klein & Katie Edwards)

Feeling Library is an interactive installation in the form of a portable pop-up library. Caukin Studio created this furniture with an inner space of no more than 2 square meters. Added a simple wooden bench and a wooden folding table to support reading and writing to complete the library function. The idea of collapsible furniture, such as in the Feeling Library, is the right solution to present a minimalist private reading room.

More about Feeling Library is a Space to Express Feelings, also a Symbol of the Mental Health Campaign in London.

A Room in the Garden by Studio Ben Allen

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceA Room in the Garden by Studio Ben Allen (Photo by Ben Tynegate)

Ben Allen's studio built an octagonal 'little house in the garden of a house in London, which functioned as an office, room, playground, reading, or relaxing. A Room in the Garden, which only has an area of 15 square meters, is equipped with compact wooden furniture that can function as a lounge chair and a bed when opened. This furniture provides convenience for its users by adjusting their needs in a fairly narrow multifunctional space.

More about A Room in the Garden: A Romantic Translation of Multipurpose Extension

False Banana Pavilion by Flea Folly Architects

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceFalse Banana Pavilion by  Flea Folly Architects (Photo by Jim Holden)

The creative idea created by Flea Folly Architects, seen in the shape of the pavilion they designed and the built-in furniture inside the pavilion, is also one of the favorite spots for visitors to the False Banana Pavilion located in the Kew Wakehurst botanical garden. Through this built-in furniture made of wood, Flea Folly Architects provides a spatial experience for visitors while maximizing the function of the space to bring comfort to those who want to relax.

More about Wrapped in Enset Leaves, Ethiopia's Cultural Inspiration through the False Banana

3500 Millimeter House by AGo Architects

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny Space3500 Millimetre House by AGo (Photo by Kafinnoeman)

Occupying an area of 56 square meters, this 3500 Millimeter House by AGo Architects maximizes the space's function according to its residents' needs. Interestingly, they arranged a fairly narrow space design by placing several multifunctional wooden pieces of furniture simultaneously separating the two areas on the 2nd floor. This wooden space separator also serves as an additional dining table seat. So, compact space arrangements and creative furniture can strengthen the character of this house.

More about Maximize The Limited Land, ergonomics is Important in a 3500 Millimetre House 

Mo-tel House in London by S&M Office

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceMo-tel House by S&M Office (Photo by FRENCH+TYE)

S&M renovated the ground floor of one of London's homes in 2020. They specially design multifunctional wooden furniture to meet space needs in a limited area. This multifunctional wooden furniture in the form of a blue sofa is arranged in the dining area, which functions as a dining chair and a book-reading area. Uniquely, this sofa is equipped with a pink triangular roof that functions as a storage unit.

More about S&M Office Applies Bold Colors To Light Up The Ground Floor Of Mo-tel House in London 

Brooklyn Barbershop with Dual Functions by KeRa Design

7 Wooden Furniture for Your Tiny SpaceBrooklyn Barbershop by KeRa Design (Photo by byrayboedi)

With an area of only about 70 square meters, KeRa Design had to rack its brains to design a room with dual functions. The Brooklyn Barbershop, which doubles as a coffee shop and a barbershop located in Medan. The interior of Brooklyn Barbershop is dominated by minimalist furniture tailored to the needs of the space and its users. KeRa Design uses a flexible wooden furniture system that is neatly stored in storage, which, if taken out, can cover the needs of sitting with a table that suits ergonomics. This hidden wooden furniture is a smart solution for limited spaces, making the space smooth.

More about KeRa Designed Brooklyn Barbershop with Dual Functions, Includes a Coffee Shop

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