7 Unique Staircases that Become the Point of Interest of a Space

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Monday, 14 November 2022

Some think stairs only act as access and mobilization to different elevations. However, for an architect and designer, stairs are one of the points of interest in a room. Often, architects and designers see the potential of a staircase construction to be as attractive as possible.

Here are seven innovations from the existence of stairs in the space that have unique properties but are still functional for the interior.

Café Teri by NAMELESS Architecture

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a Space
Café Teri by NAMELESS Architecture (Photo by Kyung Roh)

NAMELESS Architecture creates a spatial experience through stairs for visitors to Café Teri. Here visitors will enjoy a glass of coffee differently, through a unique shape in the stepped area in the interior of the café. The area serves as the café's space design, with steps flowing smoothly toward the wall. In addition, NAMELESS Architecture designed a seating area with two sections separated by steps in the middle to make it easier for guests to access the very top of the stairs.

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Kappa House by Archipelago Architects Studio

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a SpaceKappa House by Archipelago Architects Studio (Photo by Kenya Chiba)

Seeing the simple but attractive works of Archipelago Architects Studio is an interesting thing to discuss. This architecture studio based in the United Kingdom designed Kappa House in 2021, occupying 23 square meters with a building height of 8 meters. With this space limited, Archipelago Architects Studio built three sets of concrete stairs in the center of the space.

Uniquely, the topmost staircase was built, extending to touch the ceiling without the destination of the next floor. Archipelago Architects Studio said the staircase design was "to question the stereotype of the staircase which normally serves as a fixed purpose of only moving up and down."

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WeWork by Linehouse Design

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a SpaceWeWork by Linehouse Design (Photo by Jonathan Leijonhufvud)

Linehouse Design has renovated a 20th-century building located in Shanghai into a co-working space for Weihai's WeWork company. One of the parts that Linehouse Design considers important is the stairs. They designed a staircase with abstract arches supported by an ivy-green steel structure. In addition, the existence of oak-lined staircases in prismatic flats painted in blue to create a gradation of tones from natural wood to blue has added to the aesthetics of this room.

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Library in Ruins by Atelier Xi

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a Space
Library in Ruins by Atelier Xi (Photo by Zhang Chao)

Atelier Xi has built a mini library in China with a unique curved interior. One of the points of interest in this library is a wide wooden staircase on one side of the room that serves as a small projection room with glass openings toward village buildings and trees. Atelier Xi designed this wooden staircase with two different tread width sizes. Furthermore, Atelier Xi designed a wider staircase for the sitting and reading area on the near side of the bookshelf. So, the stairs in this library not only function as visitor access but also act as seating.

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This Earth 1.0 by Seniman Ruang

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a SpaceThis Earth 1.0 by Seniman Ruang (Photo by Jonathan Christian Limanjaya)

This Earth 1.0 was designed by Artis Ruang, an architecture and design firm based in Indonesia. In this 71-square-meter space, Artis Ruang offers guests the experience of dining in the pod tower area with curved seating at each level of the steps.

The circular structure on the stairs in the middle of this space not only serves to add aesthetic value to the space but is also arranged to withstand the load. This white spiral staircase is a genius idea from Space Artists in maximizing the limited space capacity.

More About This Earth 1.0, A Diorama of the Universe in a Café Interior by Seniman Ruang

Nishitokyo House by Suppose Design Office

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a SpaceNishitokyo House by Suppose Design Office (Photo by Toshiyuki Yano)

Suppose Design Office designed a 3-story residence to create a large space with all the existing limitations. Entering the dwelling, a large staircase that connects the functions of the space will greet with warmth from wood material. Not only does it function as a link between floors, but this staircase design can accommodate user space needs, such as living rooms, relaxing areas, theater stages, and family rooms that create a sense of community in residence.

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Lava House by Atelier Riri

7 Unique Ladders that Become the Point of Interest of a Space Lava House by Atelier Riri (Photo by Andreaswidi)

When designing a house in the Sleman sub-district, Atelier Riri was inspired by Mount Merapi, nearby. This 390-square-meter residence is nicknamed 'Lava House' because the appearance on stairs of this house is designed like flowing lava. This visual lava is also translated through a textured wooden wall that submerges the concrete steps at the mouth of the mountain. This dramatic staircase is long enough for a room; therefore, when passing through the stairs, residents feel the difference in atmosphere as the steps are passed.

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