7 Interior Designs with Unfinished Walls

Syifa Aisha Arashi | Friday, 4 November 2022

Unfinished walls can give a solid character to any interior design as if this building was abandoned in the middle of the construction process. With the walls looking as they are, the designers have given residents the freedom to finish them according to what they want.

These seven interior designs with unfinished walls show how strong characters can provide pleasant visuals.

Industrial Apartment Designed by Francesco Meneghello

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsIndustrial Apartment Designed by Francesco Meneghello (Photo by Francesco Meneghello)

Francesco Meneghello is a young designer from Bassano del Grappa, a small town in northeastern Italy. In his works, Meneghello always presents an imaginative side that creates something new about the relationship between people, space, and the object of art. As he applied to the interior design of an apartment in London.

This 550-square-meter apartment displays an industrial concept with art objects. Carries the narrative of "bold, raw space," in which the interior is dominated by unfinished walls and left as is. Francesco Meneghello adorns the interior with minimalist décor and diverse details to bring these uninhabited walls to life.

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BSP20 by Raúl Sánchez

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsBSP20 by Raúl Sánchez (Photo by José Hevia)

Barcelona-based designer Raúl Sánchez designed the BSP20. According to him, each project is a new challenge, regardless of type, scale, location, or budget. Similarly, in designing the BSP20, which must maintain the original character of the building.

With so many obstacles hindering the continuity of construction BSP20, finally, Raúl Sánchez managed to complete it by building three new floors arranged in such a way as to retain the original character of the building (front façade and rear dividing wall), which had visual unfinished brick walls.

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Apartment General Artigas by Castro Cyon Arquitetas

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsApartment General Artigas by Castro Cyon Arquitetas (Photo by Sambacine)

Castro Cyon Arquitetas is an architectural firm based in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The architectural firm, founded in 2021, has worked on various projects with varied design and material explorations. One of them is an apartment renovation project built in the 50s.

In this project, Castro Cyon Arquitetas explored concrete columns as part of a building's mass structure that could not be dismantled or moved. Next, they created a bookshelf that stretched between the two columns of the structure. Concrete blocks and columns are deliberately exposed to give the concept of space "as is."

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Earthrise Studio by Studio McW

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsEarthrise Studio by Studio McW (Photo by Lorenzo Zandri)

Studio McW was founded by David McGahon and Greg Walton in 2016. This London-based and English-based architectural firm has always given character to its projects with unexpected and surprising detail through natural materials that depict elements of the craft.

Natural materials were also applied in the shoe factory's warehouse renovation project, which turned into apartments and offices for climate activists and filmmakers Jack Harries and Alice Aedy. The building's original features feature steel windows, structural frames, exposed concrete beams, a double roof with skylights, and unfinished walls combined with natural materials from oak applied to its clients' staircases and a table for a variety of activities.

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Studio Job HQ

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsStudio Job HQ (Photo by Studio Job)

An innovative art and design studio based in the Netherlands and Milan, Studio Job is renowned for its creativity and often inserts unique 'eccentric' tastes in each of its works. For approximately 20 years of practice, Studio Job occupied its new office in Antwerp and filled the entire space with displays of its works.

A 400-square-meter building featuring unfinished concrete volumes designed with an ethos of 'fun and creepy.' The building has become a unique and comfortable office for work with unpainted interior walls and the eccentric design of Studio Job works.

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Siembra by MYT+GLVDK

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsSiembra by MYT+GLVDK (Photo by Fiamma Piacenteni)

Studio MYT+GLVDK (Andrés Mier y Terán and Regina Galvanduque) focuses on architecture, industrial design, and branding. MYT+GLVDK puts together a custom narrative for each client who wants a new atmosphere for their building.

MYT+GLVDK was tasked with revitalizing Mexican restaurants' architecture, design, identity, and merchandising. They realized this task by designing restaurant interiors that adopted Mexico's typical 20th-century rustic style and agricultural historical motifs. The style is then poured through the interior of Siembra with exposed concrete walls to give a visual simplicity of a village.

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Iron Fist by Studio Kota

7 Interior Design with Unfinished WallsIron Fist by Studio Kota (Photo by William Sutanto)

Studio Kota, interested in architecture that contributes to the city's life, is based in Jakarta and Hong Kong. City Studios believe building a concept is just as important as executing a building.

In executing the Iron Fist project, City Studio designed its interior, trying to immerse itself in the context of the hustle and bustle of the city. Thus, Studio Kota designed Iron Fist with a modernist concept that displays the walls and ceiling as they are, with an aesthetic touch on the supporting elements.

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