Pantone Color of the Year 2023 – VIVA MAGENTA

Dinda Karina Yohanny | January 6, 2023

Starting a new year full of joy and courage, magenta color comes as the "Color of the Year" 2023. Secondary colors are derived from the spectrum of red and blue as the primary colors, and can vary significantly from light to dark. For example, Pantone 18-1750 is called viva magenta. 

Viva Magenta Color IllustrationViva Magenta Color Illustration

The selection of magenta as "Color of the Year" results from careful consideration by the Pantone Color Institute by making observations throughout the year. "Inspired by nature and the hybridization of colors that connect the world and the virtual makes these colors seem very real," according to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at the Pantone Color Institute, during the Color of the Year announcement.

Viva Magenta Color IllustrationViva Magenta Color Illustration

The color magenta in psychology describes the emotionally bold, passionate, and intelligent. The application of magenta colors is very diverse in product design, fashion, interior design, and architecture. Magenta in design can make an impression on its users as a bold, vibrant, and eye-catching product.

On Product Design

The use of magenta color is applied to several designs, such as mobile phone products produced by Motorola, a telecommunications company from the United States that launched the Motorola edge 30 fusion. This phone is designed using Pantone viva magenta. Some of the featured aspects besides Color are its thin design with the camera's ability to reach 50 MB to achieve the lifestyle of its users. Motorola collaborated with Pantone to bring viva magenta to real life.

Handphone Motorola Edge 30 Fusion

Handphone Motorola Edge 30 Fusion

On Fashion Design

One shoe company from Brazil, Cariuma, applied the viva magenta color Pantone to its six sneaker designs. David and Fernando are the founders of Cariuma who wanted the design of these sneakers to be good design, comfortable, and follow consumer tastes. Below is an example of the sneaker design.

Sneaker Shoes by CariumaSneaker Shoes by Cariuma

On Interior and Architecture

A hotel in Tokyo, Japan, the Toggle Hotel, designed by Klein Dytham Architecture, applies viva magenta color as the primary Color on the walls of its rooms. Although the concept carried in the interior design of this hotel room is a monochromatic color block, in one room, the room applies only one primary Color to the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture. There are room types Loft room, Premier Loft room, Corner room, Standard room, Balcony room, Superior room, Premier room, Universal room, and Connecting room, each room with a choice of magenta, blue, and green color themes. Every hotel visitor can choose a room with a color theme based on their preference.

Toggle Hotel, JapanToggle Hotel, Japan

The architectural installation in Michigan, General Manifold, was built on an abandoned factory complex environment. This installation lifts the geometric shape of the square and gives a sense of depth to incoming visitors. There are LED light accents on the wall with a square shape and arranged reps. Each wall in the hallway reflects magenta-colored refractive light.

Architectural Installation, General ManifoldsArchitectural Installation, General Manifolds

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