M Bloc Design Week Debuts for Two Weeks in Jakarta

Madani Matadian | Thursday, 27 October 2022

M Bloc Design Week (MBDW) debuted this year at M Bloc Space, South Jakarta, an interdisciplinary design celebration event ranging from architecture, fashion, graphic design, and product design, to photography. Over 80 collaborators/studios participate in exhibiting their design works/products for 13 days from 4 to 16 October 2022.

M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)

The inaugural MBDW, which carries the theme “Inclusive Space”, is not only an exhibition event but also comes with various interesting programs such as workshops, interviews, to performances of acoustic music in Creative Hall as well as several outdoor areas in M Bloc Space. This event was initiated by Jacob Gatot Sura co-founder of M Bloc Space and curator of M Bloc Design Week and organized by M Bloc Entertainment in collaboration with M Bloc Academy.

“M Bloc Design Week, which is being held for the first time, is expected to be a space for the meeting of creative communities from various fields such as architecture, interior, graphic design, product design, fashion, and photography. At the same time, it is hoped that it will open up opportunities for collaboration between creative actors as well as with the wider public," explained Jacob Gatot Sura who is also an architect.

M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)

MBDW is one of the events that are part of the M Bloc Fest which is held in celebration of the third anniversary of M Bloc Space. In line with the theme “Inclusive Space,” in the contextual space architecture exhibition section, you can see various examples of inclusive public spaces that have been built in various regions in Indonesia, from the city of Sabang to Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi.

Various products made by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia program, namely: Good Design Indonesia (GDI) are also exhibited here. For example, the role of the graphics team in the development of a new city such as Tubaba (West Bone Onion) in South Sumatra did City Branding and won the G-Mark Award in Japan recently. In addition, there is also the Plepah brand which has succeeded in processing banana tree waste that has been wasted so far and can become a substitute for styrofoam packaging, it's more environmentally friendly.

M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)

“We want to convey to the public that the design is part of solving the problem's daily needs. Products that have been curated through the award program Good Design Indonesia is expected to be able to answer that. We hope that through In this exhibition at M Bloc Design Week, designers can better understand superior products and what kind of things have export potential,” said Miftah Farid as the Development Director Export of Creative Services and Products, Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

“The public seems happy with this MBDW exhibition or activity because several of the participants are world-class and have won international awards. For example the work of Banyuwangi Airport by architect Andra Matin who just won the Aga Khan Award 2022, a very prestigious international architectural award. Also, there are GDI award works such as 'Menuju Tubaba' from the graphic bureau Nusae and Plana from Spedagi who won the International G-Mark award from Japan," said Limmasulin from Byo Living who is one of the supporters of this event.

M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)

In addition to the creative communities mentioned above, MBDW also gets collaborator support from CAP (Connected Art Platform) through interactive digital treats artworks, Jukiverse NFT, and the Gue Ari Galeri photography community. In total, the exhibition workshops and talks at MBDW involved more than 100 young designers from various cities in Indonesia.

M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)M Bloc Design Week (Photo by M Bloc)

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