Good Changes That Occur When Decluttering

Anabata Media | December 2, 2022

In recent years more and more people have been interested in minimalism, essentialism, and decluttering. The three lifestyles are believed to simplify and organize their lives to be more organized, happy, and healthy. When someone chooses to live with this pattern, they inevitably have to get used to a simple and neat lifestyle, especially in managing the contents of the house.

Good Changes That Occur When DeclutteringMinimalism, essentialism, and decluttering can simplify and organize life (Image Courtesy

Minimalist concept residences are usually synonymous with a clean, tidy, and warm impression. To maintain a minimalist look at the residence, you can try decluttering – reducing and removing items that are no longer needed.

Good Changes That Occur When DeclutteringDiscarding and then arranging the selected items is a stage of decluttering (Image Courtesy

The book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," written by a famous Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, explains that the simple decluttering method is how to prioritize things that bring happiness and throw away all unhappy items.

Good Changes That Occur When DeclutteringMarie Kondo (Image Courtesy

To do the decluttering method, you only need to complete the two main stages of throwing and naming and then set it up. For some people, the discarding stage is the heaviest because they have to part with some memories represented by several items. But to get through this stage, it is recommended that you throw away almost all documents, including photos and books that have long been stored in the cabinet. The 'discarding' stage emphasizes keeping the collection of items as small as possible, which is important.

Good Changes That Occur When DeclutteringDecluttering activities can start with tidying up clothes (Image Courtesy

After the disposal stage, you can arrange the selected items in the planned place. At the item arrangement stage, you are asked to organize items by category and function, such as clothes should be arranged neatly in the wardrobe.

The decluttering method may sound like an extreme solution to refresh the home and yourself personally, but in the end, you will realize that the items you store and don't use are just taking up much space and collecting dust, so the space becomes claustrophobic and unhealthy. On the other hand, after decluttering, a feeling of happiness will appear when looking at a neat, clean, and fresh space. So this method is also able to take care of yourself psychologically.

Good Changes That Occur When DeclutteringHappiness will come when decluttering (Image Courtesy

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