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Five Inspirations for Wood Wall Cladding in Interior Design

Dinda Karina Y · February 24th, 2023
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Wood is a natural material used for various building needs, including wall cladding. Cladding is the installation of certain materials glued to the wall as a finishing that can add to the room's aesthetics. In addition, another use is to strengthen the structure of the building and not easily fade when compared to wall paint. Here are five wood wall cladding inspirations in the interior design of various buildings and uses.

Wood-Dominated Seafood Restaurants in Toronto, Canada

Prime Seafood Palace is designed with an elegant, warm feel that adorns the entire restaurant space. Omar Gandhi Architects created a design dominated by light brown maple wood in the interior. Upon entering this restaurant, visitors will be greeted by wood wall cladding that runs along the entire room length. Cladding applied to restaurant walls is horizontally longitudinal and left without a glossy finish to accentuate the natural nature of the wood. In addition, diners seem to be invited to "break free" through the airy interior space with high ceilings, creating the perfect circulation inside the restaurant.

Horizontal Wood Wall Cladding at Seafood RestaurantHorizontal Wood Wall Cladding at Seafood Restaurant, photo by Adrian Ozimek & Doublespace Photography

Oak Wall Cladding in Life Science and Bioengineering Buildings 

Life Science and Bioengineering B202 is a new four-story building designed by Christensen & Co Architects and Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The interior of the building consists of dynamic box-shaped spaces used as places where researchers can meet. Almost all of the interior walls are covered with light oak wall cladding. Unlike before, this time, the cladding is arranged vertically. Among the cladding, installations are inserted by large glass windows for lighting to enter the room or laboratory.

Vertical Ek Wood Wall Cladding at Science CenterVertical Ek Wood Wall Cladding at Science Center, photo by Adam Mork

Music Studio with Abstract Wooden Wall Cladding 

Meilan Music Studio is located on the fourth floor of the opera house, designed by Architect Zaha Hadid. This music recording studio is designed with walls full of abstract wooden upholstery with random configurations. The asymmetrical arrangement is also a big challenge for designers to create space harmony. In addition to being an aesthetic value, this wood coating also plays a role in acoustics. Domani Architectural Concepts designed the interior of this studio by optimizing the role of wooden wall cladding and acoustics as a key considerations and collaborated with acoustic specialist companies to identify suitable materials.

Abstract Wood Wall Cladding at Meilan Music Studio

Abstract Wood Wall Cladding at Meilan Music Studio, photo by Vincent Wu

Wooden Wall Cladding at St. Erik Eye Hospital

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, St. Erik Eye Hospital was designed by White Architects with natural materials such as white pigmented oak wall cladding. The wall cladding application to the reception area is distinguished into upper and lower layers. The lower layer consists of vertical stripes, while the upper layer is fused to form wood grains. Using natural materials in the hospital's interior design creates a sense of security and harmony. In addition, wood material can also improve health, help recovery, and reduce stress levels so that it can provide care to patients more effectively.

Wood Wall Cladding at St. Erik Eye Hospital

Wood Wall Cladding at St. Erik Eye Hospital, photo by Bara Bild

Boqueria West 40th St. Uses Wooden Wall Cladding Elegantly

The 440-square-meter restaurant was designed by Studio Razavi Architecture and is located in New York, United States. Studio Razavi designed this restaurant using mostly wooden slats as a wall covering curved downwards to extend along the walls to create a warm texture. The color palette applied to this restaurant, namely black, white, and dark wood, looks elegant. In addition, this wooden wall cladding creates a reflection of light from the chandelier that spreads out and seems luxurious.

Wood Wall Cladding at Boqueria West 40th St.Wood Wall Cladding at Boqueria West 40th St., photo by Simone Bossi


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