Creating an Infinite Sense of Le Renzo Apartments atop The Mareterra Reclamation Project

Adhitya Angga | Friday, 15 July 2022

Monaco is a small country by the sea bordering France and adjacent to the State of Italy. Monaco used to be home to a sleepy fishing village in the mid-19th century, but now it’s home to very affluent people.

Le Renzo apartment that looks floatingLe Renzo apartment that looks floating. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

The Monte Carlo Casino is an attractive place for celebrities and dignitaries due to the gravity of its legendary gambling and entertainment complex. This has made Monaco a rich country in a few decades, the effect of which is very expensive financing, one of which is the price of land which is expensive and becoming increasingly scarce. Because of these problems, the ruling king has a solution to develop new land, as well as an opportunity.

Standing on the Mareterra reclamation projectStanding on the Mareterra reclamation project. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

Under the supervision of Prince Albert II with a completion date of 2024 made all the reclamation projects named Mareterra, which has an area of 6 hectares that turns the sea into land. The available facilities include; 120 residential properties (4 townhouses, 10 villas, and 106 prime residences), a public beachfront promenade, retail shops, restaurants, and public squares featuring art by Alexander Calder. Mareterra also prioritizes public areas, one of which is by designing a green public land area of 10.219,33 square meters by landscape architect Michel Desvigne, and meeting Monaco’s real estate needs while respecting the environment in which the project is carried out. With the premise of being sustainable, respecting the landscape, and quality of life, it is the value of the natural sustainability of the country’s territory. Prince Albert II wants to turn Monaco into an eco-friendly paradise.

The shape of the apartment is large and each floor is like there is no limitThe shape of the apartment is large and on each floor is like there is no limit. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

On the ground of Mareterra stands an apartment called Le Renzo, shaped like a large ship with an area of 34.931,5 square meters, has 50 living units, and feels like floating in the middle of the sea. Renzo Piano, the person who designed the apartment received a Pritzker prize. That is a prize given to architects who have made architectural and artistic work in prioritizing humanity and environmental development. From the structural design of the Le Renzo apartment, the building is designed as if it is not attached to the ground so that wherever the position of visitors in the Le Renzo apartment they can see the sea view. The view from inside the unit is through access to large glass windows and balcony railings with glass material.

Apartment residents can see the sea view directlyApartment residents can see the sea view directly. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

Public seafront areaPublic seafront area. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)

The purpose of Le Renzo was to create a private building for people to live in and to provide access to public spaces that were open to the new land. Le Renzo is designed by prioritizing the functions and facilities provided to the public so that the beauty of the building is produced only because it creates an unlimited sense.

Seafront public facilities accompanied by treesSeafront public facilities are accompanied by trees. (Image courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop)



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