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7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the Space

Anabata Media · November 23rd, 2022
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The existence of skylights in a space is very important because of their role as a natural light circulation that can save electrical energy. In addition, skylights can provide aesthetic value to the space by choosing materials and designs that adjust the shape and needs of the room.

Here are seven skylight designs that can be an inspiration to beautify your space.

Looks modern, with skylights that blend into glass doors

Trianglo Lounge Bar by Maden Group (Photo by Leonit Ibrahim)

The skylight design that blends with the glass door can be a great choice for those who love the space's natural light. In addition to maximizing light acquisition, skylight designs like this can create a modern impression on the space.

For example, Maden Group's Trianglo Lounge Bar features a glass skylight that blends into the entrance and glass wall in the vestibule. The skylights in this modern-classic-style restaurant also play a role in highlighting the purple color that tends to be dark on all sides of the space.

Circular skylight design that focuses all attention

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the Space
Back Chapel by Theaster Gates (Photo by Iwan Baan)

Try creating skylight designs with unique and eye-catching shapes. You can try a circular skylight design to give a unique impression to the room. A circular skylight can be a focal point in your living room.

As applied by Theaster Gates to the temporary pavilion of his creation entitled Black Chapel. The temporary pavilion, dominated by deep black, is equipped with a circular skylight placed on the roof to illuminate its dark interior. With a dark interior, a circular skylight on the roof will be the center of attention, just like the moon in the vast night sky.

Placing skylights on an arched roof

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the Space
W0311 by Mountain Soil (Photo by Wen Studio)

Skylights are generally set on flat or inclined ceilings. However, the arrangement does not apply to the W0311 clothing store design designed by Dong Tiantian. Instead, this clothing store in Shanghai adopts the shape of an arched roof equipped with skylights that flow following the shape of the roof. For those with a residence with a roof shaped like the W0311 clothing store, a flowing skylight design like this can be an option so that the room remains rich in natural light.

The combination of skylights with clay tiles

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the SpaceConcrete House by PSA Studi (Photo by Mario Wibowo Photography)

In designing skylights, building planners need to consider the quantity of light that will enter the space. PSA Studio also did this in designing skylights on the Concrete House project. PSA Studio installed skylights arranged synchronously with clay tiles. The unique shape of the gap created by this clay tile features a roof shape like dark-light webbing when viewed from the room. Combining skylights and clay tiles can be the right solution to provide access to natural light in the space without concentrating one circulation on one skylight.

Drum-shaped skylight design

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the SpaceBlackbird Hotel by RDMA (Photo by Nilai Asia)

Hotel cabins that are usually closed and dark can reduce guest comfort. Therefore, adding skylights to the hotel cabin is important because it can create a sense of comfort, away from stuffiness, and warm space while saving electrical energy.

Blackbird Hotel by RDMA (Photo by Nilai Asia)Blackbird Hotel by RDMA (Photo by Nilai Asia)

To maximize the natural light in the Blackbird Hotel Cabin, RDMA created skylights on the sides of the cabin on the second floor. Uniquely, the skylights on each side of the roof on the second floor continued towards the curved stairs, then the space on the first floor can also feel the rays and warmth of sunlight.

Skylight between curved wooden ceilings

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the SpaceYoga Studio by Invisible Studio (Photo by Jim Stephenson)

Invisible Studio has designed an 11-meter-long skylight at the top of the curved ceiling at a yoga studio at the Newt Hotel. The skylights between the curved wooden ceilings can expand the view and create a calm atmosphere according to the needs of the studio, which prioritizes tranquility. In addition, the curved shape of the ceiling and the flat rectangle on the skylight creates a dynamic spatial experience in the space.

The floor can also be a skylight

7 Skylight Designs to Beautify the SpaceBSP20 by Raúl Sánchez (Photo by José Hevia)

The presence of skylights on the floor may sound unfamiliar to some people. However, applying skylights on the floor has a variety of good influences because it can pass natural light from the roof to the ground floor. The nature of the floor as a place to walk, and the selection of skylight material to be installed must be considered can withstand the weight of anyone passing through. Installing skylights on the floor can use sturdy and strong glass materials, such as tempered glass.

Raúl Sánchez also used tempered glass material in renovating the BSP20 House. The glass panels link the façade and the new volume while also serving as skylights that will pass the sun's rays from the roof to the ground floor.

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