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7 Interior Design Concepts for a Cafe or Coffee Shop

Dinda Karina Y · January 6th, 2023
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Along with today's lifestyle trends, the number of coffee shops is increasing due to the high interest in public consumption of coffee, especially for young people. Coffee connoisseurs come to the café not only to enjoy a cup of coffee but also to relax and enjoy free time. Not a few visitors while doing exercise or work, and until now, coffee has become part of the lifestyle. In this case, the interior atmosphere significantly affects visitors' interest because visitors want to linger in the café. Here are seven interior design concepts of a café or coffee shop that can be your inspiration.

Mixing between modern and traditional, % Arabica Café in Japan

% Arabica Café is one of the cafes in Kuanzhai Alley, a commercial and cultural area in Chengdu, China. Blue Architecture designed this café by mixing the cultural heritage of the surrounding environment and the modern impression of a coffee shop. The exterior of this café is very integrated with the local streets (Kuan Alley, Zhai Alley, and Jing Alley).

Exterior % Kafe Arabica in Kuanzhai Alley in ChengduExterior % Kafe Arabica in Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu

It becomes a stark contrast if traditional ornaments are brought together with modern ornaments, but Blue Architect combines the two very aesthetically and precisely, resulting in a comfortable blend. The main structure and support columns are preserved with natural wood materials and arranged symmetrically, following the shape of the space. On the roof of the café is stone material, and there are accents of traditional Chinese motifs. In the middle, as a link between all sides of the room, there is a courtyard that is used as an open area for lighting and so that natural air enters the building. The courtyard is very commonly applied in traditional Chinese houses. Furthermore, the bar and visitor seating is made modern in white. There are no decoration elements. It seems clean and minimalist. The seats face the courtyard and are bordered by the glass. 

Interior % Kafe Arabica in Kuanzhai Alley in ChengduInterior % Kafe Arabica in Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu

Mixing between modern and futuristic, 1/2 Coffee and Bar

The café with a building in harmony with the surrounding environment of 1/2 Coffee and Bar was designed by designers Cai Xunna and Lin Jiacheng from Cun Panda Nana. The concept to be highlighted is to combine modern and futuristic. This design has a point of interest, namely in the column that blends into the ceiling, inspired by ficus trees and small leaves that grow a lot on Gulangyu Island, China. The shape is transformed into biomorphic interior elements with curved lines. 

Point of Interest 1/2 Coffee and BarPoint of Interest 1/2 Coffee and Bar

Unlike the cashier area above, the visitor area uses predominantly pink as the overall color of the interior. However, the futuristic impression is still displayed by the transformation of the curved shape that rises from the floor to the ceiling. Some ceiling parts are left open with glass material for sunlight to enter the room. If you look at it, this café looks modern because of the use of simple materials and not many ornaments.

Classic European design of Oh My Espresso in Melbourne

A 200-square-meter coffee shop in Melbourne applies a classic concept to its buildings. The characteristics of this classic design that originated in Europe can be seen from the shape of the exterior façade, which seems luxurious, and consists of more than one floor with towering high pillars, relatively large window sizes, and many ornaments. Oh My Espresso, located on the first floor of the Richmond building, was designed by We Are Humble, a design studio from Australia.

Facade of Oh My Espresso
Facade of Oh My Espresso

Two simple arch-shaped doors bound the dining room area. The selection of burgundy colors on the ceiling and the application of warm wood colors to furniture in this area have a warm impression. The private dining room, as shown below, gives a classic visual impression of Europe with its abstract walls and the selection of curved lights that become ambient lighting. The interior design of the coffee shop is classic but with a little modern touch.

Interior of Oh My EspressoInterior of Oh My Espresso

Wynyard Café with the concept of "ambiguity."

Wynyard Café in South Korea applies a different interior design with the concept of "ambiguity." Ambiguous, in this case, is the mixing of oriental and western styles, on the first floor of this café for coffee and the second floor for fine dining.

The first floor's interior is a calm atmosphere because the use of lights is made a little bit dark. Chairs and tables are made low to familiarize with each other when interacting with others. The oriental design is very pronounced when entering this room. The texture highlighted is a dark plywood finish.

Coffeeshop Area of Wynyard Cafe

Coffeeshop Area of Wynyard Cafe

The second floor is more towards a western design with a brighter atmosphere. The fine-dining impression you want to get is not only the quality of the dishes but also the indoor customer experience. 

Luxurious Dining Area of Wynyard CafeLuxurious Dining Area of Wynyard Cafe

Sumu Fumu Terrace: a coffeeshop-look communication space with a modern natural concept

Modern nature with openness is applied to a space owned by Sekisui House Ltd., a housing company. This space consists of a gallery and lounge and openly uses a large glass partition wall to connect the inside nicely and outside of the room. With a modern concept, this room has a lot of green plants and wooden elements used on the floor. The expected essence is that the client can consult with the architect comfortably and leisurely while drinking coffee. In addition to residential business activities, this room use for exhibitions and workshops.


Sumu Fumu TerraceSumu Fumu Terrace

Damage Earth concept of the Shanghai Metal Hands Coffee

Metal Hands Coffee has a unique interior design and is different from others. DAGA architects want to invite visitors to "escape from the broken earth." In the middle of the café is an art installation with a shape resembling a giant ball like a crashed spaceship. Around the object, many green plants hang like kokedama (the art of planting from Japan with a spherical compacted planting medium).

This coffee shop wants to invite visitors through its interior design by exploring and time traveling through the design that is highlighted. Enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting and looking at the outside world from a large glass window as if traveling through space is an experience visitors will get when inside this coffee shop. The sensation of being on a new habitable planet is because there are living plants. Therefore, customers can enjoy, relax, and forget about activities and the earth that is no longer perfect.

Spaceship-like object in Metal Hands CoffeeSpaceship-like object in Metal Hands Coffee

HRr Café' in Seoul with Modern Minimalist Concept

Bricol Lab studio designed HRr Café in Seocho-gu, Seoul, as a reconstruction due to its location near the Han River. The façade is inspired by the shape of the iron ship pier, which is integrated with the modern minimalist interior design. At the outermost, there are doors and glass walls to maximize the natural lighting from the sun entering this café. A minimalist impression with walls and mostly white furniture, except for the table in the food preparation area, is black as a point of interest in this Cafe. The atmosphere seems very simple and clean, far from excessive accents.

Facade of HRr CafeFacade of HRr Cafe

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