5 Kitchen Space Inspiration for Home or Apartment

Dinda Karina Yohanny | January 13th, 2023

An excellent and ergonomic kitchen design will make cooking activities easier. The selection of kitchen set models can be adjusted to the availability of space and needs. Here are five kitchen set inspirations that can be applied to kitchens in homes and apartments.

LK Apartment by Estudio Oficina

This 110-square-meter apartment in Brazil by Estudio Oficina has a design theme combining a turquoise color palette with blue-gray. Not without reason, the application of this color is considered to be able to present a modern kitchen set design with new characteristics while bringing out positive energy and tranquility. The lower cabinet of the kitchen set is finished blue-gray, and the countertop is made of white Silestone. While the upper cabinet is finished with HPL bright wood motifs flanked by abstract-shaped iron plates. This hanging shelf is also arranged as a place to install LED lights to illuminate the table below, and there is a cylindrical element in the form of a rainwater storage pipe that is integrated into the outside of the building. 

Kitchenset in LK ApartmentKitchenset in LK Apartment

LED Lighting on the Bottom Cabinet TableLED Lighting on the Bottom Cabinet Table

011 Apartment by Flipe Arquitetura

011 Apartment is a kitchen set apartment project by Flipe Arquitetura in Brazil. It is from this place that the creative process begins to adjust the personalities of the residents, who are young couples with design tastes and need to follow current trends. The material used in this kitchen set is granite, wood with rosewood tones, green and pink, and doors with mini boreal glass. The primary color palette is white, so the green and wine colors look more prominent. The arrangement of kitchen utensils is also made dense to save space. The sliding doors allow for the addition of laundry and storage spaces when the door is opened. Although the area is limited, this kitchen is also equipped with a dining area with a minimalist table and two maroon chairs.  

Kitchenset in 011 ApartmentKitchenset in 011 Apartment

Kitchenset Equipped with Dining Area

Kitchenset Equipped with Dining Area

House without Walls by CHA Office

Starting from a client who had just bought a house in Jinan, China, and wanted to design more space at a lower cost, giving birth to the home concept of "House without Walls." During the demolition process, CHA Office removed many walls but still maintained the shape of the house structure and ceiling. So to seal the space, CHA Office only uses a series of transparent spring curtains. This natural-looking U-shaped kitchen set concept seems rustic to the wood material used for the lower and upper cabinets. However, the natural impression is strengthened by adding warm white luminous lights that give an experience like being in a cave. 

Kitchenset in “House without Walls”Kitchenset in “House without Walls” 

“Cave Feel” with the Application of Materials

"Cave Feel" with the Application of Materials

Polychrome House by YSG Studio

In Australia, Polychrome house is a project from YSG Studio that develops a "bold and fun" kitchen concept. The use of primary colors such as red, terracotta, yellow, and black that collide with each other is unique. The kitchen in this house rejects conventional layouts, combined with floors made of abstractly arranged natural stone. The pantry area is equipped with a cabinet with a reddish-brown wood finishing material without using a countertop. While the mustard yellow storage rack and the open shelf where alcoholic beverages are made separately from the cooking area cabinet. The variety of contrasting colors applied to this kitchen is very much by its name, namely "Polychrome House."

Colorful Kitchenset in “Polychrome House”Colorful Kitchenset in “Polychrome House”

The View from Kitchenset

The View form Kitchen Set

House of Concrete Experiment by Samira Rathod Design Atelier

Samira Rathod Design Atelier has designed a house titled "House of Concrete Experiment". The kitchen in this house is made with an island type, which is to place a large table in the middle of the kitchen space. This desk is usually used as storage and an additional work area. As the name suggests, raw concrete material dominates this house from the walls to the ceiling. While the floor is made by recycling pieces of used stone that are applied to concrete terrazzo so as to form an abstract motif. The pantry area and dining area are made separate to reduce the circulation of user activity. Overall, this kitchen set gives a pure and natural impression of the material used.


Island Type of Kitchenset in “House of Concrete Experiment”Island Type of Kitchenset in “House of Concrete Experiment”

Dining Area in “House of Concrete Experiment”Dining Area in “House of Concrete Experiment”

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