120th Anniversary, Harley-Davidson Creates Amphitheater Park

Izzulhaq Alfaiz | January 17th, 2023

Heatherwick Studio is designing a large-scale garden in a design transformation project for the Harley-Davidson office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Planned to open to the public in 2024, the park is one of the plans submitted for the Harley-Davidson office project that has existed since 1903.

Even with reason, the reconstruction of the office, built in 1903, was carried out to commemorate its 120th anniversary. The initial idea for the design came from Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz, who wanted a meeting room that was open to the public. Then, Heatherwick Studio proposed the green space concept by reusing or reimagining the office to create a truly inclusive environment. This concept aligns with Harley-Davidson's mission to further contribute to customers and the environment.

landscape amphitheater Source Dezeen

landscape amphitheater, Source Dezeen

The park will be planted with 20 types of trees and 120 different plant species arranged in a structured manner. In the center is an 83-meter-wide amphitheater surrounded by tiered seating with a 360-degree viewing angle and access for motorcycles. Because it is outdoors, this amphitheater will be built using 10 types of local bricks,  has strong durability, and is resistant to weather.

landscape parking Source Dezeenlandscape parking, Source Dezeen

Weathering steel is used as one of the materials to build an amphitheater garden because it is considered more environmentally friendly. In addition, weathering steel is considered stronger. Finally, this material gives the impression that Harley-Davidson is a tough, strong, and timeless brand. 

The use of 10 types of local bricks in the construction of this park is an effort to preserve local materials that are no less powerful than the bricks produced by the manufacturer. This effort manifests the freedom that Harley-Davidson echoes through the amphitheater park to create an open space for anyone, regardless of background. 

Finally, the 120 species of plants that will fill the garden are an effort to preserve the environment and a marker of the age of Harley-Davidson, which has turned 120 years old.

landscape park, Source Dezeenlandscape park, Source Dezeen

The amphitheater park designed by Heatherwick Studio is planned to accommodate the needs of Harley-Davidson, which wants a green open space by reusing or rearranging its previous offices. With the selection of materials, arrangements, and designs that truly represent the Harley-Davidson company while 'embracing' the community to come together in this inclusive space in 2024.

landscape amphitheater, Source Dezeenlandscape amphitheater, Source Dezeen

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