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The “Naked” Living Room as an Extension of an Ancient Japanese House

Anabata Media · July 4th, 2022
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An old Japanese house always provides a calm and comfortable atmosphere, because of the low typography of the building and its simple shape. This serenity is further strengthened by the use of wood as the main material for the house, as can be seen in The Roof. A guesthouse in rural japan that looks unique and unusual because of the extension of the building shaped like a hut or temporary resting place.

outdoor living room adjacent to the main buildingoutdoor living room adjacent to the main building (photo by Yuya Miki)

Located on the north side of Mount Kyoto, Keihoku, Japan, this house has positioned adjacent to the road. This extension is a living room in an outdoor area designed by 2m26 Studio. The form of this outdoor living room is just a roof with a vertical structure and beams as support.

extreme roof slopeextreme roof slope (photo by Yuya Miki)

Honoki fir wood is used as the main material for the living room structure which consists of 8 pillars and strong beams. The pillars and beams are arranged crisscrossing each other and rest to support the 2 layers of the roof in the form of sheets of Hinoki Fir wood. The design is inspired by the structure of a traditional Japanese building, the Ise Shrine. The shape of the pillars displays thick cylinders so that they look solid and strong, and thick beams also reflect the rigidity of the structure. Thus, the wood elements that appear in the structure give the impression of being heavy, solid, and sturdy. 

column and beam exposedcolumn and beam exposed (photo by Yuya Miki)

From a distance, the most dominant building form is a sheet of wooden planks that is part of the roof, with a large overall volume, coupled with the extreme angle of inclination to make the roof denser. The roof with an extreme slope is the hallmark of this outdoor living room facility. Because it is close to the road, this extension building becomes the hallmark of the house and attracts the attention of anyone who passes through the road.

dominated by thick wood materialdominated by thick wood material (photo by Yuya Miki)

structures that intersect and overlapstructures that intersect and overlap (photo by Yuya Miki)

In addition, the height of the lower edge of the roof is low enough to create a different impression when under the roof structure. This is also intended as a response to direct sunlight. The advantages of a fairly low roof make the room shadier during the day but still with maximum lighting. 

Although the outdoor living room is only a roof with a supporting structure, it looks simple, but when guests are under the roof, they can feel a different experience. Visually, this open living room shows natural wood materials that stand firmly and present natural elements directly.



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