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Stunning Inflatable Stage for Chile's Architecture Biennial

Dinda Karina Y · January 24th, 2023
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An installation shaped like a giant "pillow" at the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism at the Plaza de la Cultura in the Chilean capital attracts visitors to the event. The work of Smiljan Radić and Nicolas Schmidt consists of a large structure located in a grassy area between the street and the square that is fastened to the sides and maintained bulging so that it is shaped like a pillow.

The installation was created to raise several issues, including the improvement of informal housing, land grabs, damage to public spaces, and environmental vulnerability.

"We seek to open new spaces for reflection on the cultural, social, and technological transformations in the era of changing fortunes that are coming, and the lessons learned from the social crisis and the pandemic," said the festival.

Inflatable Stage for Chile's Architecture BiennialInflatable Stage for Chile's Architecture Biennial

The installation, which functions as a stage through a small gap on the side of this structure, has its own uniqueness. It does not require a frame such as wood or steel to make it stand upright but uses a large structure such as a metal bag.

Although when visitors enter this installation, they will feel that they are entering a closed space, this installation is kept in a bulging structure with a pump placed on the outside. Visitors can enter this installation during the event and can follow several agendas of architectural and design talks and exhibitions held on stage in this installation. 

The Entry Through Slits in the SideThe Entry Through Slits in the Side

The design idea of this installation is in line with the festival's theme, namely "Vulnerable Habitat." On the inside, it consists of a metallic gray color, and many chairs are used for visitors to enjoy the events. Being in this installation makes us think about the challenges ahead and our future actions for architecture and design after the pandemic.

Inside of the InstallationInside of the Installation

In addition to the above installations, Jean Araya and Miguel Casassus created another installation with a giant gray metallic fabric propped up on a black stick. The installation is corrugated and perforated for natural air and sunlight to enter. This area can be used for the public during the festival.

Metallic Shade Structure for the PublicMetallic Shade Structure for the Public

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