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Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint

Anabata Media · November 3rd, 2022
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A more than a century-old building in Viljandi City played host to a local Estonian TV show that aired a restaurant construction program. Uniquely, the event's plot in the program requires designers to build restaurants without a budget and not generate waste.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(Façade of Null Resturant)

In this episode, Studio had the opportunity to build an installation inside the old building to answer the challenges of the show's programmers. Based on the brief given, the designer made a long table to place restaurant dishes with zero; 0 budget and 0 footprints, dubbed Restaurant Null.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(The long table inside the old building serves to serve food)

With this concept, Studio Kuidas. Works built a restaurant table with an ancient method for environmentally friendly development known as rammed earth. This method usually utilizes natural materials such as; drained clay, sand, and water. This rammed earth method was chosen because of the properties of the clay material that is easy to recycle and easily biodegradable if it is no longer used.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(The surface is hollowed out to put dishes, bowls and other cutlery)

To keep construction costs and waste footprint down, Studio simply designed a Null Restaurant table without equipping it with chairs. As a complement to the table, several specific details of the ancient restaurant are placed, such as; wooden trays, bowls cut from glass jars, steel plates, and copper tube arms used as glass stands.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(The kitchen area is equipped with a furnace)

Uniquely, the table's surface is hollowed out in the form of a box that juts inward to place a wooden tray that serves as a plate. Studio Kuidas. Works also punched holes in several other parts of the surface for bowls and cutlery arranged to the right and left of the plate.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(Restaurant Null table made of rammed earth)

During the day, the interior of Restaurant Null is illuminated by natural light that penetrates through the old windows of the building. Meanwhile, this restaurant is illuminated at night by shooting lights arranged above the restaurant table's surface and at some other points, such as the kitchen.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(Table surface details for serving food)

Restaurant Null is realized as a conceptual center, part of a restaurant created with zero budget and minimal footprint. The design does not prioritize comfort for its users but instead creates a spatial experience for visitors dining inside an old building. Thus, Studio have successfully supported the local TV show and invited visitors or viewers to switch to furniture that does not leave a trace of waste.

Restaurant Null: 0 budget and 0 footprint(Kitchen area at Restaurant Null)

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