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Relaxing Body, Mind, and Spirit in 'Come On, Calm On'

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In the center of Bangkok, Thailand, Shma's installation is called 'Come On, Calm On', a therapeutic garden that becomes an oasis in the middle of busy urban life. This installation was made in Bangkok Design Week 2021 and nominated for the Building of The Year 2022 Archdaily Award in the Small Scale and Installation category.

Therapeutic garden installation, 'Come On, Calm On' by ShmaTherapeutic garden installation, 'Come On, Calm On' by Shma. (cr: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong)

Instinctively, humans have a close connection with nature. So, there's the idea that nature heals humans in some form. This is explained by University of Exeter research, stating that interaction between humans and nature for a minimum of 2 hours a week evidently gets better physical and/or mental health compared to those who have not interacted with nature at all. This research was then applied by Shma in 'Come On, Calm On' installation for a short break from piled-up problems.

Taking a break from a busy life in 'Come On, Calm On' (cr: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong)Taking a break from a busy life in 'Come On, Calm On'  by Shma. (cr: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong)

This installation is made to provide a human-nature interaction experience optimally, starting with using a mirror door to reflect 'greenies' in the installation, with 70% softscape and 30% hardscape composition, using frame structure and covering it with semi-transparent fabric that also functioned as screen at 'Shma Sound On, Light On' performance.

'Come On, Calm On' composition and structure diagram.'Come On, Calm On' composition and structure diagram.

'Shma Sound On, Light On' is a performance that supports the initial intention of creating the installation, namely sound stimulation with musical performances and lighting performances in the form of performance mapping on the installation dividing screen. The ambiance produced by this performance helps relax the ears, which may be hearing the sound of horns every day or even the hustle and bustle of the city with all its problems.

'Shma Sound On, Light On' performance in 'Come On, Calm On' installation'Shma Sound On, Light On' performance in 'Come On, Calm On' installation. (cr: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong)

'Come On, Calm On' spoils the five senses to reduce stress with a balanced plant composition. With eyes that see flowering plants of various colors, which invite insects to stimulate the listener's senses with white noise. Aromatic plants also increase the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with their soothing aroma. Plus, culinary plants such as basil and lemongrass can answer the issue of food security in society.

'Come On, Calm On' plant composition'Come On, Calm On' plant composition. (cr: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong)

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