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MVRDV's Pavilion Celebrates 500 Years of Fuggerei, the Oldest Housing Complex in the World

Anabata Media · July 27th, 2022
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Fuggerei, located in Augsburg is one of the oldest residential complexes in the world. From May 6-June 12, 2022, MVRDV built a pavilion as a center for Fuggerei's 500th birthday celebration. Built in Augsburg's town square, the pavilion has a visual shape inspired by the multi-story houses of the Fuggerei.

MVRDV Pavilion built to celebrate Fuggerei's birthdayMVRDV Pavilion built to celebrate Fuggerei's birthday

In celebration of its anniversary, Fuggerei raised the topic of housing "Fuggerei Code" aimed at the future development of social housing. In keeping with the theme, MVRDV translates it through a pavilion design that is shaped curved and appears taller at one end, resembling a house "preparing to fly." The design of this pavilion was then considered to answer Fuggerei's aspiration to show his role in seeing the future, both in Augsburg and around the world.

Inspired by the level houses in the FuggereiInspired by the level houses in the Fuggerei

If observed, MVRDV designed the pavilion with a long, curved, narrow, and pointed building shape. Furthermore, one end of the pavilion that is raised to form an 8.5-meter-high cantilever displays a different experience for anyone who passes through it. The end of the pavilion facilitates visitors to see a view of Augsburg's city hall. In addition, the elevated end of the pavilion also functions as a place to organize lectures, presentations, and other events.

Fuggerei of the FutureFuggerei of the Future

Pavilion built in Augsburg town squareThe pavilion was built in Augsburg town square

Overall, the structure of this pavilion is made of CLT wood panels. These laminated wood panels come from the woods around Fuggerei. CLT wood panels were chosen because of their environmentally friendly nature and can be disassembled easily so that after the event is over these wood panels can be deconstructed and moved to other places.

Stands for presentations, lectures and other eventsThe pavilion stands for presentations, lectures, and other events

Inspired by the Fuggerei residential building blocks, the interior of the pavilion is divided into five different spaces to accommodate various public activities. cast and events. The pavilion becomes a square-like meeting point, where visitors gather and see an exhibition about the "Fuggerei of the Future."

Pink bar to complete Fuggerei's birthday celebrationPink bar to complete Fuggerei's birthday celebration

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