Issey Miyake Ginza Store with Futuristic Accents Opens in Tokyo

Dinda Karina Yohanny | February 8th, 2023

Issey Miyake Ginza / 442 stores have opened on Gasuto Street, Ginza District, Tokyo. Tokujin Yoshioka, a designer, and artist from Japan, designed this four-story retail store. The presence of this new store is inspired by the Ginza area, a shopping center that attracts foreign tourists for its sophistication and crowds. The Issey Miyake brand is a fashion company that has developed many products other than clothing, namely watches, bags, and glasses.

Issey Miyake Ginza Store in TokyoIssey Miyake Ginza Store in Tokyo

The store is located on the corner between two streets and is designed with simplicity and minimalism. The façade features a modular construction with aluminum walls and white walls, so the products on display stand out because they are colorful. To attract the attention of buyers, retail stores usually apply many outer walls of transparent glass material. As with this store, the right and left of the glass entrance is a space to display art installations and superior products.

The Entrance of Issey Miyake Ginza Store The Entrance of Issey Miyake Ginza Store

In addition to displaying various products, there is a gallery to exhibit the process of work and works related to fine art and design. The gallery was named "Cube" with the aim of a place of development, creative work, and an open space for exchanging ideas. This area has a large block table that can be arranged according to the work on display. Furthermore, several spotlights were added to highlight the work to add to the dramatic feel. The first exhibition at the Cube gallery was a selection of graphic design works by Ikko Tanaka, namely Ikko Tanaka Issey Miyake n.6, inspired by flowers with bright and bold colors.

“Cube” Exhibition Space at Issey Miyake Ginza “Cube” Exhibition Space at Issey Miyake Ginza

When visitors enter the display area of the store, gray aluminum panels with a large rectangular shape appear to float on the wall, hiding the place where clothes hangers look very neat. Using aluminum panels at some point gives a futuristic impression according to the direction of product development that will always develop. The palette of gray and white colors applied to the interior design combines with the concrete floor. On the left side, a large table displays various bag products from Issey Miyake.

“Clothes are floating in the air. A strip of aluminum wall pierces through the space. This futuristic space represents Issey Miyake’s innovative approach to clothing and its philosophy. This space, designed with the elements created by molding ecologically sustainable recycled aluminum using special manufacturing techniques, creates a space that is minimalistic yet formative and futuristic.” said Yoshioka.

The Interior Design of Issey Miyake Ginza

The Interior Design of Issey Miyake Ginza

Another area for displaying women's and men's clothing products with characteristic bright and bold colors. All these clothes are displayed by hanging on aluminum. On the first floor, it is used to display the latest Please Issey Miyake Pleats collection and women's clothing, the second floor contains A-Poc Able Issey Miyake, and men's clothing, watches, and glasses can be seen on the basement floor. Clothing is the first work of Issey Miyake, some of the innovations that have been successfully made are the Pleats Please Collection and Waterfall Body. In addition to clothes, Issey Miyake is also very good at designing a bag like the famous and worldwide Bao Bao Issey Miyake. Therefore, the design of the store to highlight the fashion design work of Issey Miyake is very outstanding.

Product Display of Issey Miyake Ginza Product Display of Issey Miyake Ginza

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