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Because Made of Reeds, Rausa Pavilion Participates in Environmental Conservation Campaigning

Anabata Media · July 25th, 2022
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Increasing landscape conversion and destruction of wetlands, loss of biodiversity, and landscape destruction make land impermeable and increase the risk of flooding. The pavilion was built to remind visitors of the importance of gardens and farmland to the French city of Reims.

Paviliun Rausa by Atelier FaberPaviliun Rausa by Atelier Faber

It is a pavilion named Rausa which comes from the old French language meaning "reeds." The Rausa Pavilion became the venue for a literary event performance. This event also provides direction for visitors to think about the sustainability of the city of Reims, and invites them to always be responsive to the context and environmental issues around their residence.

Rausa Pavilion - raising awareness of nature preservationRausa Pavilion - raising awareness of nature preservation

Luca Antognologi and Gabriel Pontoizeau, founders of Atelier Faber, created the Rausa Pavilion by upholding traditional values. This can be seen in the design of pavilions that use reeds as the main material. Located in the center of the courtyard of the Musee Saint-Remi, France, this collection of rods is then stacked upwards to form a solid outer wall. The result is a contrasting pavilion design with the inside consisting of delicate the reed flowers.

Rausa Pavilion made of reedsRausa Pavilion made of reeds

Rausa is built with a reed rod structure that merges and forms a circular motif. With brown gradations and triangular entrance access, this pavilion looks beautiful complementing the surrounding environment with its uniqueness. Not only that, the reeds applied can provide a somatic sensation experience for visitors.

Details of reeds from the Rausa pavilionDetails of reeds from the Rausa pavilion

Triangular entrance to rausa pavilionTriangular entrance to Rausa Pavilion

The Rausa Pavilion is a metaphor that symbolizes what is left of the green space in the heart of the city of Reims. Rausa is applied to the pavilion to increase visitor awareness of the preservation of the surrounding nature. Unprocessed reeds applied to the pavilion are intended to be reusable and can be turned into various products so that this pavilion does not leave waste.

Details of reeds from the Rausa pavilionDetails of reeds from the Rausa Pavilion

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