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A Sensory Vibrations from Wood Materials In the “Pavilion Let's Play!”

Anabata Media · July 11th, 2022
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Creating a pleasant spatial experience through the wooden pavilion design. “Let's Play Pavilion!” is a wooden structure that invites local residents to have a pleasant sensory experience. Situated in the center of the Villa Medici landscape, amongst tall pine trees, is currently the “Pavilion Let's Play!”, a 6.5-meter-tall spiral wooden structure. Designed by architectural firm DREAM, the pavilion is open to the public from June 25 to October 2, 2022.

Pavilion Let's Play! invite visitors to sensory and enjoyable experiencesPavilion Let's Play! invite visitors to sensory and enjoyable experiences

“Pavilion Let's Play!”, was built with a pine wood structure as an environmentally friendly material. This curved pavilion gradually guides visitors to the central area of ​​the pavilion. The central area of ​​the pavilion acts as a natural light source, where light and shadow play with the movement of the sun as the day progresses. In addition, the central area offers visitors of all ages to gather, play and have fun.

Pavilion Let's Play! designed by DREAMPavilion Let's Play! designed by DREAM

The floor-level play in the pavilion is intended to separate the basketball and soccer areas, this encourages visitors without age limits to be able to play ball during the day. Abandoning the layout of a soccer field, this pavilion creates a soccer field with a round, semi-enclosed space. Meanwhile, at nightfall, this pavilion turns into a place for art performances, with a circular shape and a touch of glowing led lights that look like sculptures that light up a dark forest.

Equipped with a goal to play footballEquipped with a goal to play football

Wood carvings shining into the forestWood carvings shining into the forest

The pavilion exposes the landscape in the background through the gaps between the wooden pillars. The use of wood materials in the pavilion was deliberately chosen to evoke a sensory experience that is for the scent of wood and gives a feeling as if playing in the middle of the forest. Through the touch and feel of natural materials, it becomes the main point for the pavilion to attract visitors.

“Let's Play Pavilion!” is designed to be reconstructable and easy to reassemble when needed. This Pavilion is not just an installation, it's “Pavilion Let's Play!” is a sensory vibration to provide a pleasant experience.

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