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Starting from the goal to be "the second hand for your ideas," Anabata grew and obsessed with becoming an online platform that became the "second hand" of how to align the hands of a human being, that it can be easily accessed, getting new ideas every day.

It was formed from various architectural events throughout Indonesia in 2015. In 2020, Anabata, initiated by Briantarra Ajibadi and Annisa Fitria, grew in a new form into a collection of ideas, news, and reportage about architecture, interior design, and design from all over the world.

Editorial articles or stories are present daily, warmly scoured as tea is served to guests.

We want our site to be second-hand for readers to get new ideas every day, without any boundaries, from all over the world, accessible anywhere.

This is our address and phone number, in case you need you direct contact and discuss more with us

Office Building 3rd Floor
Jalan Bhayangkara 22D
Surakarta, Central Java 57141
(62) 811 265 1501

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