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A media group that presents information and services in the architecture and design industry. Established in 2015, Anabata started the journey by organizing architectural events held regularly in various regions of Indonesia, presenting well-known speakers from various countries. Anabata focuses on connecting architecture and design industry players without borders and distances.

In 2021, Anabata expanded its reach by launching a website-based online platform. Since then, Anabata has established itself more as a medium of architecture and design in Indonesia. Moreover, not only online magazines, the growth of Anabata leads to the provision of exclusively audio-visual-based information presented in the form of documentary video.


The second hand for your ideas –being the main need in getting architectural and design ideas and information.


Present the latest information that can be received by various parties and can connect all points in the architecture and design industry.

Anabata Talks

Event organizers that focus on the architecture and design industry. Along the way, Anabata talks have hosted more than 300 events of various scales and scopes. Anabata Talks has a vision of delivering light event form but has in-depth content. The main mission is to liaise between architectural and design players in Indonesia and abroad.

Our Team

Briantarra Ajibadi
Creative Director
Annisa Fitria
Editor in Chief
Irma Nuriyaningsih
Admin Officer
Desti Septiana
Head of Developer
Arif Maksum
Developer Team
Madani Matadian
Creative & Relation Officer
Bintang Pandu N.
Video Editor
Risky Ardhani
Nadia Nisa N.
Zulfa Zia'ul Huda
Content Writer