Yurotie Atami: An Old House Half Submerged in Concrete

Madani Matadian | Thursday, 10 March 2022

This project is a renovation of a dormitory in Atami, Japan. Naoshi Kondo is known to be very creative and often inserts a unique sense of 'humor' in each of his works which makes him unique. In renovation design, it has its standards which are considered as a means to leave a mark in the best way.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(from the outside the house looks like sinking into concrete)

Yurotie Atami House is Kondo's project dedicated to his grandfather-in-law. The site is the main one-story wooden house built in the 1950s. As a 'retreat' place, this house is equipped with a natural hot spring bath and studio space to focus on painting.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(the interior mix with modern furniture and colors with an original building featuring old wood)

Having been neglected for approximately twenty years, the construction of this project began in early 2021. Apart from the main building, the two-story pavilion used as a residence was also renovated. The pavilion overlooks the steep slopes opposite. After being renovated, the building that was previously a studio room with one guest room is now a cottage with three guest rooms that can accommodate six people, equipped with a pantry and a sitting room on the second floor.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(one of the rooms in Yurotie Atami House)

This renovation adopts a brutalist character, presenting an old-style wooden house half-buried in mass mortar. All sides of the house are covered with mortar blocks 100cm wide. From within, a mass of mortar flows along the walls and allows guests to explore its function. Make residents or guests who visit this house curious and ask questions.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(burnt wood walls display large windows with modern bedroom spaces inside)

This mortar mass plays a maximum effect on the identity of the space. In addition, the wooden house looks pavilion with a modern interior presented through the glass facade as opposed to the features on the front.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(a corner of the room with a bookcase made of wood)

Yurotie's room has a semi-luxurious design with built-in shelves, headboards, and furniture with rounded elements like an old Japanese house. Kondo also added cross-structured handrails that managed to create a visual rhythm to the shape and materials of the building.

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(a guest room that contrasts with the blue color that seems to "hit" the original color of the old wood)

In the studio space, the ceiling structure is left open and as is—unchanged from the demolition process. On the other hand, the bottom is minimalist and modern in a monochrome color scheme. The white concrete wall near the kitchen area does not blend into the ceiling or other walls but stands out as an object.

Overall, the contrast between the old and new charts, the different materials, and the arrangement fits the space through the idea of ​​cut—and—paste, layer, or two-dimensional retouches that let visitors enjoy their stay in peace and ignite their senses through Yurotie

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

(from the outside the house looks like sinking into concrete)

Yurotie Atami House / Naoshi Kondo

Project Information

Office Name :
Naoshi Kondo
Project Location :
Atami, Japan
Completion year :
Photographer Name :
Yujiro Ichioka
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