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Villa Fatum: White and Quiet Villa in Bali by Lumbung Architect

Madani Matadian · July 10th, 2023
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A commercial villa in Babakan, Bali, grows simply and meaningfully along with the green rice fields around it. This 400 sqm building was designed by Lumbung Architects with the vision of 'celebrating the contours'. This idea is a solution to the contour condition with a sloping area of 40% of the total land area.

The front view of Villa Fatum displays a calm atmosphereThe front view of Villa Fatum displays a calm atmosphere

The site is in the middle of a rice field

The site is in the middle of a rice field

Instead of leveling the land into the same elevation, Lumbung Architects designed this villa to be two floors. So the villa's divided into two main levels, where the upper floors are placed on the ground, and the lower floor is on the lower ground, following the original contour of the land.

Villa Fatum, which means "destination", is interpreted as the embodiment of the open building concept but still protects its residents. This concept is supported by a modern tropical Balinese style that keeps simplicity and utilizes potential and local wisdom.

The villa consists of two floorsThe villa consists of two floors

The indoor-outdoor vibe is like a bias, and the transformation is so smooth because of the wide windows from the bottom to the ceiling. In addition to providing a spacious atmosphere, massive openings also give other benefits, such as the acquisition of natural air and light that floods the entire room and the views of rice fields on all sides.

Living room integrated with backyard and swimming poolLiving room integrated with backyard and swimming pool

The Villa Fatum space program focuses on the residents' comforts while providing their privacy due to their daily activities. The open spaces are maximized on the first and second floors based on each function. On the lower ground, the first floor accommodates public areas such as the kitchen, dining room, and family room. There is a swimming pool and lounge beside the public area through the outdoor area. The second floor on the ground is a private area for two bedrooms with a balcony, service area, garage, and front garden close to the road.

Bedroom is placed on the 2nd floor with wide window openingsThe bedroom is placed on the 2nd floor with wide window openings

A corridor connecting the two rooms upstairsA corridor connecting the two rooms upstairs

Modern Balinese tropical style is also realized through the application of local materials for indoor and outdoor such as andesite stone, ironwood, teak, and aluminum doors and windows as part of the facade. Lumbung Architect applies a flowing interior design for Villa Fatum with minimal intervention. The entire interior—as well as the exterior—is dominated by white with brown wood accents and a blend of natural elements represented by andesite stone and several plants placed in several areas.

Wood furniture balances tropical modern styleWood furniture balances the tropical modern style

To balance the spacious impression of the white color, openings, and minimal partitions, the outdoor area is a relaxing area with a swimming pool that reflects the blue water mixed with existing trees outside the site.

The swimming pool which is in the backyard is very comfortable because it is surrounded by existing treesThe comfortable swimming pool is surrounded by existing trees

In the end, Villa Fatum represents the goals of Lumbung Architect and its owner; become a villa that provides privacy and comfort for everyone living there. They know where the 'destination' is when they come to Bali.

The planThe plan


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