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Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten | MAMM DESIGN

Madani Matadian · February 22nd, 2022
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Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten is located in Arakawa Ward Tokyo. This is a recently established private kindergarten with a capacity of 175 people. Seeing the surrounding environment that is dense with houses and factories, MAMM Design aspires to create a space that will later contribute to the growth of children's minds and bodies, where teachers and children can feel surrounded by nature.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNthe freshness of green nature is presented to kindergarten children to play

To realize this goal, the studio arranged classrooms and playrooms in a setting that surrounds a lush, green, and light-filled garden to create a courtyard that brings the outside world into the classroom.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNaround the school which is dominated by settlements and factories

In addition, the studio also prepared various spaces such as classrooms with different ceiling heights, playhouses that hang above the courtyard, and outdoor corridors that are looped and have different widths so that children can choose various spaces to play or rest. . This is intended to adjust to changes in child development.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNa spacious and multifunctional classroom

Furthermore, the use of each space is not predetermined to give freedom to teachers and children to enjoy and use the space in a way that they find beneficial. To that end, the studio made it as functional as possible.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNattractive and safe outdoor play area

The entire facility is built in three dimensions featuring the four seasons and changing vegetation intended to further stimulate and enrich children's sensibility. As nature changes with the seasons, the insects and birds that attract plants can be enjoyed by both children and their parents.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNtoilet with a bright color of small ceramic and patterned

Inspired by this environment, natural motifs such as insects, trees, etc. are embedded in and around the buildings as patterns and objects. So that children can enjoy the space by continuously discovering new things.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNchildren play in the center yard and interact with nature 

“As architects, we hope that the special moments and memories created at Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten will remain with children even after they graduate,” the studio said.

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNthe school looks fresher and more natural

Tomonoki-Himawari Kindergarten - MAMM DESIGNbuilding section and ground floor plan, first-floor plan, and second-floor plan

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