Three Generations of “Homecoming” Home

Madani Matadian | Monday, 14 March 2022

A house with residents from three generations is a challenge for architects to design a building concept. Different characters and lifestyles are factors that determine the design of a family's home located in Vietnam. The oldest generation is people who are very familiar with traditional lifestyles and are open to neighbors while the two generations below have only visited Vietnam a few times.

Villa LP designed by Nghia ArchitectThis background is the basis for designing this residence, so Nghia Architects needs to create various spaces that can accommodate the needs of all residents of the house. The presence of a large communication room for family gatherings is very important considering that this house has been a "homecoming" destination for some time.

terrace of Villa LP

Finally, the house is designed to meet the needs of its owners through three living blocks, two sleeping blocks on the sides of the structure, and a guest room at the back of the house. While the heart of the house is a large kitchen and dining block that serves as the main meeting room that connects all other areas.

open garden area of Villa LP

large kitchen-communal area

In the development process, the team did not touch most of the pine forests that had existed before. This is done to keep the air healthy as well as the balance of the surrounding ecosystem. Although the building is designed in such a way that the structure spreads out in different directions horizontally, it still leaves room for the surrounding trees to thrive. This gives residents the advantage of having a natural garden automatically.

skylight of Villa LP

the home hallwayThe main materials used in this project are concrete and natural wood. Plain concrete surfaces and wooden patterns aim to create a natural rustic atmosphere while still ensuring the beauty and comfort of a modern lifestyle.

stairs of Villa LP

The roof structure is designed to be sophisticated, going beyond the structural system that gives the building a special appearance. The sheer and light canopy that runs along the length of the building creates a wide terrace that is open and filled with green vegetation. In front of the kitchen, there are beams which are an open foyer. Residents can sit in between or in the kitchen to admire the views.

natural light that enters the house

landscape planmaster plan of Villa LP

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Nghia Architect
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Nguyen Tuan Nghia
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