The Wing: Alexis Dornier’s Experimental Design of Residence in Ubud

Madani Matadian | Friday, 11 March 2022

The Wing Residence is located in the middle of rice fields and trees, this building stands out in contrast to its surroundings. Alexis Dornier has completed a traditional style residential project located in Ubud, Bali.

the wing residence in ubud

The design of this building aims to create a structure that blends with the surrounding environment. This building intersects with the vernacular context that adapts the behavior, habits, and culture of the surrounding environment which is still natural and beautiful.

alexis dornier's design building

With an L-shaped floor plan and open to neighboring rice fields, the building occupies half of the courtyard and encloses a pool area and deck space. It aims to advocate for an architecture that experimented with and blended various ideas into one unconventional form. This means that ideas that emerge are poured out and experiments are carried out to get 'unusual' results.

woods material

the hallway in the wing residence

This can be seen from the roof which formulates gradual gradations between A-frames and symbol-boxes to represent a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The main character is one of the results of experiments conducted by architects.

stairs in the wing residence

The theme of the ceiling of the living room is a double-height space that is dramatically folded thin, this design becomes the main concern of residents when entering the room and is one of the attractions of The Wing Residence. This ceiling will lead the eyes of the occupants of the house into the hallway or from the hallway to the outside of the living room. This fluted design articulates different material concepts, with the use of wood adding to the warm atmosphere of a tropical home.

one of the rooms in the wing residence

All bedrooms are placed on the second floor. When entering the room, residents will feel the change in material from the first floor to the second floor. These material differences are balanced quite carefully with mass manipulation so as not to stand out in one of them.

terrace in the wing residence

For the facade use a large transparent glass and create a connection from the inside out. The large overhangs that are installed serve as protection from heavy rain and sunlight. In terms of location, this building is adjacent to other buildings so that the back wall functions as a protective bulkhead to reduce noise pollution from around and provide privacy for residents of The Wing Residence.

alexis dornier's design the wing residencethe wing residence planthe wing residence plan

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Alexis Dornier
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Bali, Indonesia
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