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Selo Store by MNMA Studio as Visual 'Breath' of São Paulo

Anabata Media · July 5th, 2022
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The renovation of the Selo Store resulted in a design that entailed an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of São Paulo. As the designer of the Selo Store, MNMA Studio has its own way of developing each project, namely by building ideas starting from the outside to the inside. As a result, the smooth circulation of the space is realized, reflected in its continuous entrance and accessibility.

The front view of the Selo Store is dominated by the natural colors of concrete and cementThe front view of the Selo Store becomes the visual 'breath' of the surrounding environment.

In the development process, MNMA Studio also curated materials to achieve its goals. Especially the material for the façade, which is desirable to appear clean and able to represent the visual 'breath' of the city. Thus, concrete and cement are chosen as the main materials for their natural pigmentation. On the other hand, the process of working on the project has caused little damage along its floor. To get around these cracks, MNMA Studio also practiced an ancient Japanese technique, Kitsungi. The technique of filling the cracks with a special golden mixture to honor each memory created in the process.

Selo Store entrySelo Store has an entry that shows how the process starts from the outside to the inside.

Details of cracks in the floor that emerged from the construction process of the Selo StoreCracks in the floor are covered with the Kitsungi technique.

Furthermore, for the interior of the Selo Store, MNMA Studio uses a lot of minimalist furniture, original 1950s-era relics, and customs. For example, the washroom sink is made handmade with a limestone bending technique using fire. Through this technique, a special rough texture of the stone is obtained. To support the goal of creating a calming escape, the Selo Store atrium is also equipped with a round skylight as an entrance for daylight. Through the skylight, at least 100 square meters of retail can still connect with nature. Moreover, skylights also play a role in displaying clear sky scenes and the process of passing time naturally. All of that reminds us of the artworks of James Turrell.

Interior of Selo Store with minimalist furnitureSelo Store interior is equipped with minimalist furniture.

Skylights in the atrium of selo storeSkylight in the atrium of Selo Store which is the entrance for daylight.


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