Rustic's Atmosphere of a Wooden House in Brazil

Madani Matadian | Tuesday, 22 March 2022

The initial brief on this project was the desire to have a home that was practical, clean, and easy to maintain. All three are important elements as well as double as a very comfortable home for the owner. Costaveras Arquitetos represents the client's wishes through the Wooden House located in Goiania, Brazil.

Wooden House by Costaveras ArquitetosOpen tiles combined with wood were chosen to become the physical structure of the entire house. The use of wood materials that dominate the construction of houses presents new challenges for the contractor team and the homeowners themselves. Such as different calculations, smaller spans, and material maintenance. Wood is a natural building material that must be considered for its care and maintenance so that it is durable, not easily rotted, and eaten by insects.

Wooden House by Costaveras Arquitetos

Wooden House by Costaveras Arquitetos

As the name suggests, the Wooden House is full of wooden elements used in the roof structure, ceilings, doors, windows, and complementary furniture. In certain areas, wood and granite are polished and brushed more finely. Then, some pebbles are arranged and applied with dry joints and paintings on several sides of the walls that are painted white.

Wooden House by Costaveras ArquitetosAccording to the original design and plan, this house must present a comfortable atmosphere for residents. Therefore, the openings and circulation in this house are made as wide and as wide as possible. The living room is placed in the middle of the house area with a wooden door partition that can be slid-fold to direct the courtyard into the room. The communal area is connected to the kitchen and dining area by an open hallway.

Wooden House by Costaveras Arquitetos

The master suite with a very open space is placed overlooking the inner garden and swimming pool. Besides the master suite, there is a grandson's room that is prepared for visits at certain times. Uniquely, the series of plywood on the ceiling of the house is arranged like an accordion that displays cross ventilation in the construction of the house.

Wooden House by Costaveras Arquitetos

The final result of this project is a rustic atmosphere that displays a new personality and soul in the building so that it becomes a reflection of "a house that looks like a house".

Wooden House by Costaveras Arquitetos

Layout of Wooden HouseLayout of Wooden House


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Costaveras Arquitetos
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Goiania, Brazil
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Edgard Cesar
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