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Renovation of an Old Small House in The Countryside Into a House That Synergizes Between Humans and Nature

Anabata Media · July 18th, 2022
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In a village about 25 minutes from downtown Brazil, there is a small house built in the late 1990s. The small house has been empty for ten years and is closed and has a quality of space that seems cramped, and lacks quality lighting and air circulation.

View of the front facade of Casa SerranaThe front view of the Casa Serrana facade.

The owner of the small house decided to renovate it and was carried out by Studio Coplanar, the purpose of the renovation was a place for weekends and holidays. This house is at the top of one of the highest points of the village, with such a high location the potential of the natural environment and beautiful scenery can be a force in creating a vacation home. Renovating the house, results in a spatial arrangement that is more spacious from changes in the floor plan, has better quality lighting and natural circulation, and maintains privacy, security, and family comfort. The designs created have succeeded in integrating humans and nature with a beautiful view of the horizon. 

Wooden table and chairs on the terrace.Wooden table and chairs on the terrace.

Small garden area in front of the houseSmall garden area in front of the house.

In renovating the house, it is necessary to rearrange the floor plan, so that when used it can be a comfortable place to live. In the social area of the house, the living room, kitchen, and terrace are linearly integrated overlooking the horizon and sunset views, creating a spacious and fresh family social space. The second bedroom was moved to where the former living room used to be on the east side of the building parallel to the main bedroom. The configuration aims to expand the area of the second bedroom, living room, and larger kitchen. In the living room area, there is a large window with a low lower threshold, so that it can offer views of the landscape and horizon, this ting is also a television in the living room. 

Windows with low lintels provide a great view of the living roomWindows with low lintels provide a great view of the living room.

View from the kitchen to the living room and terraceView from the kitchen to the living room and terrace.

On the front side of the house, there is a wide terrace with wooden tables and chairs, becoming the main place for socializing in the family and eating family meals. On the front side of the house, there is also a small garden bordered by a semicircular brick wall, equipped with a rope chair or a hammock. At the back of the house, there is a small garden, an outdoor shower in the bathroom, and a small reading area next to the master bedroom. The blue paint applied to the doors, windows, and roof structure on the terrace is inspired by a traditional Brazilian farmhouse.

Backyard garden
Backyard garden.

Bathroom with outdoor shower
Bathroom with outdoor shower.

plan and section Casa SerranaPlan and section Casa Serrana.


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